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CfA: “Share your experience … and go to great!”, Young Public Servants Seminar, Sibiu, 25-30.9.2004,

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  • Georgiana Giba
    * Please disseminate this information “Share your experience … and go to great!” September 26 – 30, 2004 Sibiu, Romania www.leaders.ro/share Attention
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2004
      * Please disseminate this information

      “Share your experience … and go to great!”

      September 26 – 30, 2004

      Sibiu, Romania


      Attention to: Young Public Servants representing Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldavia, Poland, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece or Turkey

      What: “Share your experience … and go to great!” Program

      Where: Sibiu, Romania

      When: September, 26 - 30, 2004

      Why: to promote the building and strengthening of a young public servants network, all around Romania and the surrounding countries through experience sharing and learning

      Training sessions: Strategic Thinking, Negotiation and Leadership

      Trainers: Annabel Turnpie (Strategy Unit of the UK Prime Minister), Simona Podgoreanu (ASEBUSS) and Sam Leblanc and Noelle Leblanc (Peace Corps)

      Application dead-line: August 30, 2004!! www.leaders.ro/share

      If you won’t be able to participate to this Program and you are interested in becoming a member of a regional network of public servants, you can join the virtual community at www.leaders.ro/forum -> Register

      “Share your experience … and go to great!”

      The design consists in a Program where the participants will be able to get information from others and at the same time share their experiences with the others. The information disseminated in the program will enable them to be more effective and efficient in their work and the activities will provide skills in this regard.

      Aim & objectives
      Professionalism is strongly related to the information obtained by a person and to the ability to use it, therefore the main aim of the “Share your experience … and go to great!” Program is to gather experiences and ideas that can be transformed into instruments of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.


      · To determine the capacity of acting as change factors, through the ability of thinking strategically;

      · To transform knowledge and experiences that each participant has into a learning instrument;

      · To establish the basis of a continuous learning process using the virtual platform;

      · To establish a personal network for their mutual benefit and that of the agencies for whom they work or will work.
      Contents of the Program
      Strategic thinking, negotiation and leadership will be the topics covered by the Program. The sessions are dedicated to theoretical aspects of the subjects, but they will actively involve the participants, who will apply the information to their previous experience. Every session will be followed by practical activities when the participants will actively use the information received. Those activities will start from a situation described by a participant and it will be analyzed within the group.
      It should be emphasized, though, that mutual learning from each other will represent an important element in the learning process. Participants’ prior experiences within the content of the program will be important and recognized. Active participation, group-work and teamwork, learning-by-doing, as well as theoretical inputs form the most important aspects of this program.

      Profile of participants

      The participants selected for “Share your experience … and go to great!” will be young public servants who are in a top or middle management position in local governments. There will be 30 participants, and special attention will be given to the gender aspects. So, 15 women and 15 men will be selected to attend the program.

      In general candidates should be:

      · between 25 and 40 years of age (a few exceptions may be made if seen as justified by the team);

      · actively involved in elaborating policies or in the field of co-operation with other actors/institutions;

      · willing to act as multipliers, meaning to be prepared to pass on to colleagues the knowledge and skills gained during the program;

      · willing to co-operate with the group after the program ends and to continue the learning process through the virtual platform;

      · be able to work in English;

      · committed to attend the entire duration of the Program and be supported by the sending institution;

      · at least 2 years of work experience in government structures;

      · motivated to participate and to integrate him/herself into learning and exchange network;

      Application Procedure and Selection process

      Candidates will have to complete an application form to determine if they meet the general qualifications set forth above. Applicants will have to state their experience in their positions.

      Dead line: August 30, 2004 – www.leaders.ro/share

      19 of the participants will come from Romania and 11 from abroad, meaning that one participant will represent: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldavia, Poland, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.

      Selected candidates will be informed first, on 3rd of September 2004, followed by other non-selected candidates. A waiting list will be drawn up from candidates who are seen as strong applicants, and who, in case of cancellations, may be offered the possibility of participation. Selected candidates will receive the Program’s documentation directly.

      At the time the selection confirmation is sent to the future participants, they will be asked to prepare a one page biography, where the most relevant information about them will be given. These biographies will be sent to the trainers and to the other participants, in order to become familiar with the group before starting to work together.

      Financial and practical conditions of participation
      Travel expensesThe participants will cover their travel expenses to and from the site of the Program.
      Meals and hotel

      4 nights at the hotel and meals are provided and paid for by the organizers.

      There is no enrolment fee!

      “Share your experience … and go to great!” will be the result of a partnership between non-governmental sector, public and private sector.

      Official partner: the British Embassy, Romania

      Content partners: Strategy Unit of the UK Prime Minister, Peace Corps, British Council, Central Unit for Public Administration Reform (Ministry of Public Administration and Interior)

      The National Group of Sponsors of LEADERS Romania will represent the private sector: Connex (Vodafone), TNT, Xerox, Mirabilis Media, Capital Magazine, Asebuss, RDS, Allied Domeq, Stihl and Trafigura will provide in-kind, conceptual and logistical support.


      Georgiana Giba

      Program Manager
      LEADERS Romania

      Email: georgiana.giba@...
      Website: www.leaders.ro


      Phone/Fax: 0040 21 311 09 46
      Mobile: +40 788 458 684
      Address: 10, C.A. Rosetti Street, App. 6, 3rd floor, Dist. 1, Bucharest, Romania
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