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Link: Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian language journals in the Central and Eastern European Online Library

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    From: Dear colleague, We would like to welcome you to take a look at Central and Eastern European Online Library s development regarding the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2004
      From: <info@...>

      Dear colleague,

      We would like to welcome you to take a look at Central and Eastern European
      Online Library's development regarding the journals in Croatian, Bosnian,
      Serbian languages. The articles in these journals refer to various
      subjects, as: sociology, philosophy, politics, ethnology, gender studies,
      literature, culture and society, and more.

      The Central and Eastern European Online Library www.ceeol.com (CEEOL)is the
      sole online database providing electronic access to articles and eBooks on
      Central and Eastern European topics. The library has been constantly
      developing and in the last six months we added 22 new titles, offering now
      more than 100 journals.

      The library offers the possibility of institutional subscription and also
      pay-per-downloaded article for individual access. Private individual users
      can compose their own collection of articles, according to their interest.

      You can choose articles from the following journals in Croatian, Bosnian,
      Serbian languages in CEEOL (as of June 2004):

      Casopis za suvremenu povijest (Journal for Contemporary History)
      Published 3 times/year by the Croatian Institute for History in Zagreb,
      Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2002-2004)

      Erasmus - casopis za kulturu demokracije (Erasmus)
      Bimonthly published by the Erasmus Gilda in Zagreb, Croatia. (Coverage in
      CEEOL: 1998). Erasmus was founded in the spring of 1988 in Zagreb, with the
      intention of exploring the subjects and questions regarding the development
      of democracy in Croatia. The magazine was published by the ERASMUS GUILD,
      an independent institute for research and the promotion of peace and
      democracy. "Erasmus" united people that dedicated themselves to the
      protection of human rights and a free society in Croatia. The magazine has
      published work by prominent theorists (sociologists, philosophers,
      historians), journalists, writers and publicists.

      Fantom slobode (Phantom of Freedom)
      Quarterly published by the Durieux Publishing House in Zagreb, Croatia.
      (Coverage in CEEOL: 2003). The rationale behind the birth of Phantom of
      Freedom was to promote good literature, the literature that by its spirit
      and imagination goes against "borders", and boreders are, particularly here
      and today, rather too many. In an endless contrasting of national,
      geographic, ideological and linguistic differences, similarities are
      totally forgotten.

      Feral Tribune
      Weekly published by the Feral Tribune Publishing House in Split, Croatia.
      (Coverage in CEEOL: 2001- 2002). From 1990 to 1993 FERAL TRIBUNE was
      published as a satirical supplement of the then independent Split-Based
      daily Slobodna Dalmacija, shocking new nationalistic authorities with
      satirical articles and photo-collages ridiculing stupidity of warlords and
      prominent political leaders of the so-called young Croatian democracy.

      Filozofska istrazivanja (Philosophical Research)
      Quarterly published by the Croatian Philosophical Society in Zagreb,
      Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2003- 2004). Filozofska istrazivanja was
      founded in 1980, as quarterly journal for philosophical research. 89 issues
      have been published until 2003.

      Kruh i ruze (Bread and Roses)
      Quarterly published by the Women's Infotheque in Zagreb, Croatia. (Coverage
      in CEEOL: 2003-2004). Since 1994 Zenska infoteka publishes the magazine
      Kruh i ruze (Bread and Roses) in order to bring knowledge, experiences and
      new theoretical perspectives to the widest possible audience in Croatia,
      but also in former Yugoslav republics. With our magazine, we try to
      contribute to critical discussion on broad spectrum of issues related to
      status of women and gender related problems in Croatia but also in general.

      Migration and Ethnic Themes (Migracijske i etnicke teme)
      Quarterly published by the Institute for migration and ethnic studies in
      Zagreb, Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2004). The journal Migracijske i
      etnicke teme primarily publishes scientific articles in a wide range of
      fields relating to migration, ethnicity and identity problems in social
      sciences and humanities (sociology, anthropology, history, demography,
      social geography, psychology, political science, economics, legal sciences,
      linguistics, etc.), as well as in interdisciplinary frameworks. The journal
      publishes also other contributions of scientific and professional interest:
      essays, professional papers, commentaries, reviews and book reports, notes
      on scientific meetings, etc.

      Most - Knjizevna Revija (The Bridge - Literary Magazine)
      Quarterly published by the Association of Croatian Writers in Zagreb,
      Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2000- 2002). "The Bridge Literary Magazine is
      a journal of the Association of Croatian Writers. On the pages of The
      Bridge Literary Magazine you will discover Croatia's past and understand
      its present. The pages of The Bridge will draw you closer to Croatian
      literature. In forthcoming issues, The Bridge will carry several regular
      features and sections, but there will also be special numbers on the
      Croatian literary heritage, recent fiction, new plays, contemporary poetry
      and the literature written by Croats abroad".

      Narodna umjetnost - Hrvatski casopis za etnologiju i folkloristiku (Folks
      Art - Croatian Journal of Ethnology and Folklore Research)
      Semiannual journal published by the Institute of ethnology and folklore
      research in Zagreb, Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2002-2003). Narodna
      umjetnost was first published in 1962 as the annual published journal of
      the Institute of Folk Art in Zagreb (now the Institute of Ethnology and
      Folklore Research).

      Politicka Misao (Political Thought)
      Quarterly published by the Faculty for Political Science at Zagreb
      University in Zagreb, Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 1992-1993, 1996-2003)
      Politicka Misao was the first magazine for political sciences in former
      Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1964 and for thirty years
      has published scientific contributions and analytical texts on political
      development in Eastern European countries. Since 1992, the magazine has
      published a special English edition and has started focusing on the current
      political situation in Croatia, through a thematic approach. It offers
      reviews and analyses of foreign books on political theory in Eastern Europe
      and Croatia.

      Umjetnost rijeci (Word Art)
      Quarterly published by the Croatian Philological Association in Zagreb,
      Croatia. (Coverage in CEEOL: 1997-2003). "Umjetnost rijeci, Journal for
      literature science, issues original science works, reviews, reports from
      science lectures (chronicles) and literature and science bibliographies".

      Prilozi (Contributions)
      Annual journal published by the Institute for History in Sarajevo, Bosnia
      and Herzegovina. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2002-2003).

      Quarterly published by the J.U. Javna biblioteka "Alija Isakovic", Gradacac
      in Gradacac/Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Coverage in CEEOL: 1998-2003).
      "Diwan" was founded in 1998 in Gradacac, and was conceived as an annual
      newsletter-almanac that would publish contributions from the Gradacac
      Literary Meetings (Kikic's Meetings): literary works of affirmed writers
      and literary theoreticians, as well as those of upcoming writers and works
      related to librarianship.

      NOVI IZRAZ, casopis za knjizevnu i umjetnicku kritiku (NEW EXPRESSION
      magazine for literature and art critics)
      Quarterly published by the P.E.N. Center of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo,
      Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2004). It is almost 45 years
      since the first issue of the well-known Sarajevo magazine "Izraz" was
      published. Its successor "Novi Izraz" follows in the noblest tradition of
      its founder Professor Midhat Begic. The magazine was launched back in 1957,
      since when it existed as the only monthly in the former Yugoslavia intended
      exclusively for literary and art reviews.

      Rec (The Word)
      Monthly published by the "B92" in Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro. (Coverage
      in CEEOL: 1999). The Belgrade magazine for literature and culture "Rec", is
      the most outstanding literary journal of its kind in the Serbian language.

      Quarterly published by the Center for Multiculturality in Novi Sad, Serbia
      and Montenegro. (Coverage in CEEOL: 2000).

      We would be very glad if we managed to raise your interest regarding
      Central and Eastern European Online Library. Please do not hesitate to
      contact us for any further questions or comments that you may have.

      We are looking forward to hearing from you,

      Bea KLOTZ

      Central and Eastern European Online Library Offenbacher Landstr. 368
      D-60599 Frankfurt, Germany
      Tel: +49 (069) 686 025 11
      Fax: +49 (069) 650 096 82
      eMail: bklotz@...
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