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[balkans] Call for Papers: "(In)tolerance and (Co)operation in Europe and the Euroatlantic Area" Bucharest

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  • Florian Bieber
    Call for Papers: (In)tolerance and (Co)operation in Europe and the Euroatlantic Area Conference Bucharest Bucharest, Romania February February 2-6, 2000
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 1999
      Call for Papers: "(In)tolerance and (Co)operation in Europe and the
      Euroatlantic Area" Conference
      Bucharest, Romania
      February 2-6, 2000

      Civic Education Project Romania in collaboration with Societatea Academica
      Romana, Bucharest are co-organizing the conference

      "(In)tolerance and (Co)operation in Europe and
      the Euroatlantic Area"
      (Conference for junior academics and
      postgraduate students)

      The conference is meant to provide an opportunity for young scholars to
      meet and exchange ideas on issues related to this topic.
      It is an opportunity for academics in the early stages of their career to
      present results of their research and make contacts with people who have
      similar academic interests.

      The conference is open to all academics or researchers who currently
      teach/research (or have taught/researched in the past) in Romania, Moldova,
      Ukraine, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria (not necessarily citizens of these
      countries). The applicants must be either MA or Ph.D. graduates (completed
      no more than 5 years ago), or Ph.D. candidates. The conference is also open
      to nationals from the countries mentioned above, who are currently
      studying/teaching/researching outside their countries. The language of the
      conference will be English.

      Suggested themes:

      Past legacies and present realities
      Rights and responsibilities in emerging and experienced democracies
      Multinational experiments
      Marginalized groups, social mobility, open societies and tolerance
      Prejudices, dialogue and bridges of understanding
      Fragmentation, borders, cooperation and integration
      Changing public policies and building democratic institutions
      Conflict prevention and conflict resolution
      Power and manipulation in the Euroatlantic area
      Corporate governance, interest groups and emerging markets

      Papers built on original research and comparative approaches are strongly

      Deadline for submitting paper abstract proposals (to be sent by email both
      to (ursachi@...) and (sar@...)): 15 November 1999. Deadline
      for submission of full papers: 30 December 1999.

      Each candidate should send by the 15th of November 1999:
      the abstract of their paper (no more than 500 words) information about their
      1) educational background,
      2) present affiliation, and
      3) mailing address, tel, fax, email

      The organizers will provide for accommodation, boarding and in-country
      transportation costs. Participants are kindly asked to contact their local
      Soros Foundation, CEP offices, or other possible funders, for travel
      expenses to Romania.

      The papers presented in the conference will be published in a volume edited
      by CEP Romania.
      For further inquiries email: (lpopescu@...)
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