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CfA: Sephis Grants Programme: Fellowships for Post-Doctoral Research

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  • juli
    x-posted from H-Gender-MidEast ... of cultural change and developing new visions ... pay special attention to projects that support the elaboration of these
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      x-posted from H-Gender-MidEast
      > Sephis Grants Programme
      > The Sephis programme has two sub-themes:
      > 1. Equity, Exclusion and Liberalization.
      > 2. The Forging of Nationhood & The Contest over
      > Citizenship, Ethnicity and History.
      > These reflect the double range of interest of the
      > programme, directed at both understanding processes
      of cultural change and developing new visions
      > on development emerging in the South. Sephis will
      pay special attention to projects that support the
      elaboration of these themes, which B as it
      > were - reflect the cultural and economic side of the
      > programme.
      > Fellowships for Post-Doctoral Research
      > In 2004, five fellowships are available for
      > Post-doctoral research.

      > Funding will be provided for travel and research
      costs, and salary according to local standards. These
      fellowships extend from a minimum of three months to
      > a maximum of two years.
      > Eligibility: Scholars who have received their PhD
      > degrees, preferably within the last five years. An
      exception to this rule can be made for researchers
      > from countries that do not provide PhD courses.
      > Their applications must include evidence of at least
      three articles that have been accepted by
      > international refereed journals over the past five
      > years. Applicants should be employed by or
      affiliated to a university, a research institute, or
      > development agency in the South.
      > Grants for PhD research
      > In 2004, five grants are available for PhD research.
      > PhD grants will be provided for a period from one to
      three years. The proposal must include a period of
      research and should make clear that the applicant can
      > realistically complete his or her draft thesis in
      the given time.

      > Salaries are normally not included in the Sephis PhD
      > Eligibility: PhD students enrolled at a university
      > in the South, who are supported by their
      > The application " and all requests about the grants
      > programme " should be sent to:
      > Sephis Grants Programme
      > International Institute of Social History
      > Cruquiusweg 31
      > 1019 AT Amsterdam
      > The Netherlands
      > Email: sephis@...
      > Telephone +31 20 463-63-95
      > Telefax +31 20 463-63-85
      > Information about the Sephis grants programme can
      > also be obtained via the Sephis web site:
      > Applications for these grants should include:
      > a research proposal (maximum of 4 pages prefaced by
      > an abstract of 100 words)presenting the research
      problem and research methodology (including the
      > sources to be examined), reviewing the relevant
      > literature, and indicating the relevance of the
      research to one or both of the Sephis themes
      > an academic curriculum vitae(maximum of 3 pages);
      > a letter testifying to institutional affiliation
      > two referee's reports (report sheets can be obtained
      > from the Sephis secretariat or via the Sephis World
      Wide Web site);
      > a budget;
      > a timetable.
      > In addition, applications for postdoctoral grants
      > should include:
      > an indication of the form of publication (book,
      > article etc.);
      > a copy of the PhD certificate.
      > In addition, applications for PhD grants should
      > include:
      > a letter of recommendation by their thesis
      > supervisor.
      > Research proposals will be selected by the Sephis
      > Steering Committee, which consists of historians
      from different regions in the world. The applications
      > will be evaluated according to academic quality,
      > relevance to Sephis themes, comparative potential
      and contribution to South-South co-operation.
      > The application must be received before April 30,
      > Applications should be written in English.
      > Incomplete applications, applications by fax or
      e-mail and too lengthy applications cannot be taken
      > into consideration.
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