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[balkans] appeal

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  • Zidas Daskalovski
    Due to the abundance of misfortunate circumstances surrounding us; the conflicts and bloodshed we seem to have found ourselves in the midst of; due to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 1999
      Due to the abundance of misfortunate circumstances surrounding us;
      the conflicts and bloodshed we seem to have found ourselves in the midst of;
      due to application of force in the form of air raids, we, AEGEE Beograd,
      feel obliged to react by putting forward our stand.

      Nobody is suffering the consequences of this conflict to the extent
      that the people living here do, whether they are Serbian or Albanian. As is
      always the case, those affected most are the innocent ones - they lose their
      lives and the lives of those dearest to them, lose all they have. Thousands
      of people - again, both Serbian and Albanian - remain homeless, scattered
      around Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, forced to seek sanctuary, and live on
      humanitarian aid arriving from Belgrade. The area bearing consequences is
      certainly much wider than Kosovo itself.

      Many people throughout Serbia lost their loved ones. Some fell prey
      to the cruising missiles, some were taken hostages by terrorists, and were
      never recovered. Nevertheless, these same people are willing to do all they
      can to help all those in need.

      Conflicts and anguish are surely the most disastrous reasons that
      the people in this region became entangled in dreadful economic and
      political crises, and on the verge of material existence. For, while the
      innocent are paying the debts, the state elite is sitting in the lap of
      luxury - on their account.

      It seems futile and needless to explain the uselessness of bloody
      clashes on the threshold of the 21st century, but, we have already come to
      that, they should be ceased immediately, and that is clear. However, it
      would be paradoxical to do so by the demonstration of force. At a time when
      diplomacy is the basic means of 'warfare' in Europe, any application of
      force deserves harsh condemnation.

      Realizing the decision to strike from air on the territory of a
      sovereign state, such as is FR Yugoslavia represents a direct breach of the
      charter of the UN; nothing else but aggression merely for the purpose of
      asserting power and testing the latest military contraptions, and all under
      the disguise of the supposed aspiration for the negotiations to begin.

      Precisely for this reason, the desire of the 'diplomats' from
      certain European countries to apply force is absolutely unjustifiable. For,
      as it always turns out, those who pay are only the inculpable ones. Even
      more hardships, bloodshed, more casualties and shattered homes, new
      processions of refugees and the devastated land - will be the outcome of the
      'demonstration of might' and 'solution of the humanitarian catastrophe by
      the means of the latest rocket-systems'.

      On the other hand, the military intervention of the NATO forces will
      only assist Milosevic in his final blow to this little seed of democracy and
      freedom we managed to preserve (particularly the media) as well as in
      winning over the majority of people again. The blame for the accumulated
      economic and social problems will be imposed on the West, whereas we know
      that they stem from Milosevic's refusal to begin the reformative process of
      democratization and privatization. At the same time, the state media will
      easily be able to spread hatred and 'europhobia' among the common people.

      In addition to this, Milosevic will take advantage of the country's
      jeopardized position and the threat of war to 'purify' the state, above all
      from the free media, and to deal with all those having different opinions.
      Among those would be NGOs', Yugoslavia's AEGEE included. The military
      intervention would be a cover-up for the formal introduction of a permanent
      totalitarian regime. With everything mentioned above, we would end up with
      another Iraq, which would be not only a tragedy for the people of this
      country, but also a enduring source of instability in the region.

      The only way of preventing these catastrophical consequences lies in
      mediation, discussion, diplomacy and exertion of serious political pressure
      on BOTH sides to start negotiations, unconditionally, and as soon as
      possible, in order to solve the most urgent problems (such as avoiding the
      humanitarian catastrophe, which is the most commonly cited reason for the
      NATO intervention). For - power induces nothing but torment and suffering!

      Due to everything stated here, we request that AEGEE Europe come out
      with an official statement and give its vote against the military

      AEGEE Beograd

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