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Conference: European conference against racism and fascism, Poland, 19-23.11.2003

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  • Meri Izrail
    From : Janina Pasaniuc Date : Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:47:57 +0300 ********************************************************** Dear
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      From : Janina Pasaniuc <janina@...>
      Date : Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:47:57 +0300

      Dear colleagues and friends,

      Please find below the information and nomination form for our next UNITED
      Conference, NEVER AGAIN! European conference against racism and fascism,
      November 19-23, 2003 in Poland.

      If you are interested to nominate a representative, please return the form
      as soon as possible.

      Best wishes,
      Geert Ates

      European conference against racism and fascism

      November 19-23, 2003 in Poland

      Never Again!
      We have to learn from the past and try to avoid mistakes made in history. We
      are particularly concerned about the rise of extreme-right groups who attack
      immigrants, refugees and other minorities. Choosing Poland as the venue of
      this meeting is symbolic: it is a country that suffered under Nazi
      occupation during World War II and it is one of the current EU accession
      states. This will help the participants to see and analyse the implications
      of the new situation in Europe for minority rights as well as migration and
      refugee issues. We are convinced that solutions can be found by working
      together across borders.

      How can we join our efforts in combating racism and fascism?

      The UNITED conference in Poland will bring together activists from
      organisations from all over Europe to share experiences in these fields and
      find new ways to deal with the situations we are facing every day. The
      programme will emphasise on sharing good practices - successful examples of
      actions in the fight against racism and fascism.

      The conference will focus on:
      -current challenges for anti-racist / anti-fascist work in Eastern and
      Western Europe
      -the EU enlargement and its impact on human rights, border and asylum policy
      and racist activities
      -antisemitism and anti-Roma racism
      -educational methods used in anti-racism/anti-fascism work
      -using international instruments to combat racism

      Main themes of the conference will be:

      A-Migrants & refugees and 'Fortress Europe'- enlargement of "Fortress
      Europe", migration from future EU member states to current EU countries, new
      EU policy towards asylum seekers, etc.
      B-The situation of minorities in Europe - new divisions in Central and
      Eastern Europe (due to the EU accession process) damaging the existing links
      between countries, tensions between minority groups, situation of the Roma
      minority, etc.
      C-The danger of the extreme right in Europe - growing extreme right-wing
      tendencies in Central and Eastern Europe, networks of fascist groups in
      Europe, use of football and music in the fight against racism and fascism,
      the role of trade unions, cyber-hate and ways to combat it, etc.
      D-Learning from the past - education in anti-racism/anti-fascism field,
      democracy development, how to combat antisemitism using the Holocaust
      experiences in Krakow to raise awareness on the danger of extreme right and
      racism nowadays, etc.

      UNITED, the biggest European anti-racist network of more than 560
      organisations, organises a series of conferences in several European
      countries to unite and empower anti-racist initiatives. At one of the last
      UNITED conferences, held in June 2003 in Luxembourg, 80 people from 76
      organisations from 36 countries met, from Portugal to Russia, from Ireland
      to Italy. They exchanged information and skills and prepared future actions
      and campaigns (e.g. around the commemoration of the "Kristallnacht" pogrom
      and the European-wide Action Week Against Racism).

      This conference is prepared by:
      Assoc. of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Ireland - ARASI (IRL), ASLIR / FTMB
      (RO), Never Again Association (PL), People Against Racism (SK), Polish
      Humanitarian Organisation - PAH (PL), Norwegian Peoples Aid (N), Verein f�r
      Dienste im Ausland (A), UNITED for Intercultural Action

      ****TECHNICAL INFO****


      ... plenaries, working groups, political caf�s, presentations, debates,
      intercultural 'games', information market, intercultural inputs, lectures,
      open forum � Please check the programme for further details.


      The conference is planned for � 60 participants (living in Europe) who
      represent (inter)national anti-racist, anti-fascist and human rights
      organisations. Active grass-roots groups from all over Europe are also
      invited. Participation is rotated from one conference to another. Priority
      will be given to nominations from delegates with a minority background and
      young delegates (under 30). Preference is given to those organisations that
      actively take part in UNITED campaigns. Participants should act as
      multipliers, spreading the information to as many people as possible. We
      will try to reach an equal balance of female/male participants and a good
      geographical distribution. Each organisation can nominate only one delegate.


      The conference language is English. All participants are expected to have at
      least basic knowledge of English. But don't worry, English is almost
      nobody's mother tongue. If you have difficulties in expressing yourself,
      surely we can help each other.


      The participation fee of the conference is:

      80 Euro for participants from:
      A, B, CH,CY, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, I, IS, IRL, L, M, N, NL, P, S
      (supporters of UNITED 50 Euro)

      60 Euro for participants from:
      BG, BH, CZ, EE, H, HR, LV, LT, MK, PL, RO, SI, SK, TR, YU (supporters of
      UNITED 35 Euro)

      40 Euro for participants from:
      AL, ARM, AZ, BY, GE, KZ, KY, MD, RUS, UA, UZB (supporters of UNITED 25 Euro)

      Full board and lodging and the complete program is paid for by the


      UNITED can contribute to your travel costs up to a maximum of 300 Euro.
      For distances under 1000 km UNITED reimburses only bus or train tickets. For
      distances over 1000 km UNITED can contribute to flight tickets (APEX,
      economy class, youth fares if possible). If this creates insurmountable
      problems for you, please contact the secretariat before the conference.
      Please look for the cheapest and most environmentally friendly possibility
      to travel. You will be expected to attend the whole meeting and to prove
      your expenses with an original invoice.
      The cost of your visa can be reimbursed by UNITED.
      UNITED conferences can only take place when participants contribute in some
      way. We ask you to find out alternative possibilities of funding for your
      travel costs (e.g. through a travel grant from a Soros Foundation, or with
      help from an university or another sponsor). We would very much appreciate
      your help.


      The conference will start on Wednesday 19 November and will end after lunch
      on Sunday 23 November. We will have a relatively simple accommodation, and
      you will share a room with up to three people. If you wish to arrive earlier
      or stay longer (on your own costs), we can help you arrange your stay.


      On Monday 24 November we will organise a visit to the former concentration
      camp Auschwitz. This excursion is optional and on participants' own cost.
      The price is (including 1-2 extra nights):
      50 Euro: for participants from: A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, I, IRL,
      L, N, NL, P, S
      35 Euro: for participants from: BG, BH, CZ, CY, EE, H, HR, IS, LV, LT, M,
      MK, PL, RO, SI, SK, TR, YU
      25 Euro: for participants from: AL, ARM, AZ, BY, GE, KZ, KY, MD, RUS, UA,


      Please, note that sending the expression of interest form does not guarantee
      your participation in the conference. Only those candidates selected for
      participation (this will be known around 13 October) will receive further
      information e.g. visa invitation, explanation 'how to get there', a final
      program, list of participants, etc. Feel free to contact us (by email) after
      October 15 to inform about your nomination.


      NEVER AGAIN! European conference against racism and fascism
      November 19-23, 2003 in Poland

      ***Wednesday 19 November
      until 17:30 Arrival of participants
      20:00 "Breaking the Blocks" and Informal opening reception

      ***Thursday 20 November
      9.30-11.00 Welcome! - What is UNITED?, Presentation of Never Again
      Assoc. and PAH
      Programme/team/technics, Personal introductions of
      11.15-12.30 Discussion groups "The danger of words" - Definitions of
      concepts most used in anti-racist
      14.30-16.00 "Antisemitism: past and present" - video, lecture and
      16.15-18.00 Thematic working groups - introduction -
      - Migrants & refugees and "Fortress Europe"
      - Situation of minorities in Europe
      - The danger of extreme right in Europe
      - Learning from the past - education
      20:30 Info Market, with the participation of local NGOs
      21.30 International Snacks
      22.00 optional: Political Caf� / Video Evening

      ***Friday 21 November
      9.30-11.00 "The rise of extreme-right and Roma/minority migration" - lecture
      and discussion
      11.15-12.30 Thematic working groups - political discussion -
      - Migrants & refugees and "Fortress Europe"
      - Situation of minorities in Europe
      - The danger of extreme right in Europe
      - Learning from the past - education
      14.30-18.00 Thematic working groups - sharing and applying good practices -
      - Migrants & refugees and "Fortress Europe"
      - Situation of minorities in Europe
      - The danger of extreme right in Europe
      - Learning from the past - education
      18:00-21.00 Short city tour in Krakow & Dinner in Krakow
      22.00 optional: Political Caf� / Video Evening

      ***Saturday 22 November
      9.30-10.30 Reports from the thematic working groups
      10.30-11.00 Introduction action planning working groups
      11.15-12.30 "European co-operation and challenges for the
      anti-racist/anti-fascist movement" -
      lecture and discussion
      14.30-17.30 Action planning working groups How to co-operate in an
      expanding Europe
      - Campaigning against fascism
      - Campaigning against racism
      - Campaigning in support of refugees
      - Ad-hoc campaigning
      - European co-operation for antiracist education
      17.30-18.00 "The United Nations, the struggle against racism and the
      role of young people". Inter-active
      presentation by Birgit Van Hout of the UN High Commissioner
      for Human Rights
      Anti-Discrimination Unit.
      20:30 Intercultural Evening & Farewell Party
      22.00 optional: Political Caf� / Video Evening

      ***Sunday 23 November
      10.00-10.30 Open Forum
      10:30-11:00 Reports from the action planning Working groups
      11.15-12.00 "Think globally - act locally" - international instruments
      to combat racism - lecture and
      12.00-12.30 Evaluation of the conference
      12.30 Closing of the conference
      after 14.00 Departure of participants

      ***Monday 24 November
      9.00 Visit to former concentration camp Auschwitz - Optional /
      on own costs of participants



      NEVER AGAIN! European conference against racism and fascism
      November 19-23, 2003 in Poland

      If you wish to participate in this conference please fill in this form
      Each organisation can register only 1 representative (living in Europe).
      Priority is given to participants under 30 years old.
      If your form arrives at UNITED before 6/10/2003, your nomination will have a
      higher chance of acceptance.
      Sending this form to UNITED does not guarantee that you will be selected for
      the conference - we receive many nominations.

      Organisation's address:

      First name delegate
      Family name:

      Date of birth:
      Male: Female:

      Address to send conference documents:

      Special needs (vegetarian, disabilities etc.):

      Do you consider yourself to be part of a minority?
      Yes (please, specify):

      Motivation and aims for participating (add more lines)

      Please, describe the work you are doing and the projects you have been
      involved in. (add more lines)

      Which working group would you like to attend? (Indicate two priorities, put
      "1" and "2" behind the relevant working groups.)
      A: Migrants & refugees and 'Fortress Europe'
      B: Situation of minorities in Europe
      C: The danger of extreme right in Europe
      D: Learning from the past - Education

      Please, describe in which way you could contribute to this working group:
      (add more lines)

      Would you need financial support from UNITED for your travel costs?
      If yes, why?
      How much? (maximum: 300 Euro / under 1000 km use train or bus)

      Would you take part in the excursion to Auschwitz?
      (Monday 24/11, at extra costs)

      For those who will need a visa:

      Private address of the delegate:
      Place of birth:
      Number of passport:
      valid until:
      Polish embassy where you apply for visa:
      fax Embassy:
      Personal phone / mobile phone / fax / e-mail where you can be reached in

      Only those candidates selected for participation will be contacted � October
      13, 2003

      SEND this by email, mail or fax to:
      UNITED, Postbus 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
      phone +31-20-6834778, fax +31-20-6834582, info@...
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