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    CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS eGovernment Quarterly (eGQ) As the Editor-in-Chief of this new journal - eGovernment Quarterly (eGQ) - I would like to place the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2003
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      eGovernment Quarterly (eGQ)

      As the Editor-in-Chief of this new journal - eGovernment Quarterly (eGQ) - I
      would like to place the first call for papers. The journal seeks to cross
      the academic/practitioner boundary by publishing high quality articles in
      the area of eGovernment by and of interest to both groups.

      The contribution sought for submission to eGQ are somewhat shorter than most
      journals (ideally 5000
      words) and should be written in a style that conveys the importance,
      relevance, and rigor of the study - an abbreviated review of the literature
      and focus on results and implications. We are fortunate to have a number of
      practitioners interested in both reading and publishing in the journal.

      For further questions about the journal please visit


      eGQ is a unique and innovative publication with a mission to significantly
      expand the domain of information research to a wide and eclectic audience of
      academics, consultants and executives who are involved in the management of
      public organizations for service delivery enhancement and performance. eGQ
      will publish original research and comments about the science of information
      and the application of systems and technology for successful public sector
      management. Contributions are particularly welcome which analyze the results
      of inter/multi disciplinary research and relate to the intersection of
      theory, method and empirical findings. Of interest will be manuscripts,
      which present the theoretical concepts of the acquisition, organization, and
      dissemination of information to support functional and cross-functional
      organizational planning, and decision-making. eGQ submissions will be double
      blind refereed and will provide a forum for high quality research,
      communication and debate on the subject of eGovernment and its
      technology-enabled application.


      eGQ will be of value to both academic and practitioner audiences. The
      audience will include those individuals who are interested in conducting
      research related to eGovernment through the consideration of information as
      a valuable corporate resource. Submissions are particularly welcome from
      government professionals who consider information to be a resource that they
      can leverage for organizational effectiveness. Such practitioners may reside
      in a broad spectrum of functions and across departments within government
      internationally, nationally and locally. eGQ will focus on the issues,
      contexts and problems associated with instigating these initiatives. The
      primary interest is on practices, methods and obstacles associated change
      and contributions addressing any aspect of the eGovernment agenda in this
      respect are invited. Empirical studies with strong critical theoretical
      content will be particularly welcome.

      I look forward to your submissions. Please send your submission to:
      Deadline for submissions is October 24, 2003


      Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer
      Executive Director
      Institute of Electronic Business e.V.
      Institute of the University of Arts Berlin
      Chausseestr. 8, D- 10115 Berlin
      Tel.: +49 30 726298315
      Fax: +49 30 72629839
      Mail: schildhauer@...

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