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CfA: Young in Europe, 9.9.-23.9.2003, Bucharest

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    From: Malina Kroumova Dear all, Please find attached some information, which will be of interest to some of you to some of you.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2003
      From: "Malina Kroumova" <malina.kroumova@...>

      Dear all,
      Please find attached some information, which will be of interest to some of
      you to some of you.
      Feel free to contact me personally or the following e-mail
      (young_in_europe@...), in case you need any further information.
      Best regards,
      Malina Kroumova

      Young in Europeappl

      Young in Europeappl.doc


      12 C-dor Andrei Popovici St, Bl. 7A, Apt #20, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

      Tel. +40721894003, +40723664922

      asociatia_baraka@...; asociatia_baraka@...

      Young in Europe

      September/October 2003

      Bucharest, Romania

      Young in Europe is a 14 day conference organized in Bucharest, Romania
      between 9.09-23.09.2003 by Social Cultural Association BARAKA in
      cooperation with: Youth Forum EYE (Struga, Macedonia), Youth Alliance
      (Tetovo, Macedonia), Youth Communication Center (Banja Luka, Bosnia and
      Herzegovina), Association Izvor (Sofia, Bulgaria), Associazione Culturale
      Universiatria Pangea (Napoli, Italy), Community Arts Berlin (Berlin, Germany).

      We are in the process of having clear dates for the seminar. These shall be
      announced to everybody in a few days.

      The concept of this youth exchange is based on the existence of different
      ways of being young in todays Europe and emphasizes the need of analyze
      through critical thinking and personal experience of perception of the
      other, perception so often blurred by stereotypical images inherited and
      taken as good.

      The conference approaches the issues of European awareness, European
      diversity, process of European identity creation, intercultural learning
      through non-formal education, inter-cultural and inter-religious
      understanding and gender relations.

      The main tangibleoutcome of the conference will be a theatre street
      performance. This will be the result of work through 14 days on issues
      mentioned above in a non-formal way in 2 workshops of theatre and
      art-building. A third workshop will be dedicated to youth action in
      promotion of European ideas and future project to be realized in the area.

      Participants profile:

      · Able to communicate in English;

      · Hold a valid passport of one of the countries participant in the
      project: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany,
      Slovenia, Italy, Romania;

      · Be between 15-25 years old;

      · Be able to cover 30% of travel and pay a participation fee of 100

      · Be able to participate for the whole duration of the conference:

      For application:

      · Complete the attached application form and send it by email to :
      young_in_europe@...; asociatia_baraka@... or by post to:

      Asociatia social culturala BARAKA

      12 C-dor Andrei Popovici St, Bl. 7A, Apt #20, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

      · Dead line: 15 September 2003

      Financial matters:

      All meals and accommodation shall be covered. Travel costs will be
      reimbursed up till 70%, respecting the guidelines of European Commission to
      use second class tickets, APEX, business class airplane, etc.

      A participation fee of 75 euro (for participants from Republic of
      Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Romania) and 100
      euro (for participants from Germany and Italy) shall be requested from each
      participant. Participation fee is to be paid at registration in Bucharest.
      This money will go directly for payment of meals and accommodation costs
      uncovered by European Commission and payment of trainers.


      Type or CAPITAL LETTERS please!


      First name

      Female c

      Male c

      Date of birth


      › Address of organization

      › Personal address

      Postal code





      Country Code




      Issued on:

      Date of Expiry:



      Do you belong to any minority group? If yes, please specify.

      Are you vegetarian?

      Yes c

      No c

      Do you need special care? Please specify.

      Please answer the following questions. Be as specific as necessary, but
      keep your answers short and concise.

      If you work/volunteer for an organization please specify the work and
      responsibilities involved.
      Are you an artist or do you have artistic preoccupations? Please present in
      few phrases your work or preoccupations.
      What is your personal motivation for participating at the Young in
      How do you see the process of creation of a European identity?
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