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[balkans] Support B92

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  • David Bieber
    From:Greek Helsinki Monitor SIGN THE APPEAL: FREE B92! After ten years on the air, government officials - under cover of the NATO
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 1999
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      From:Greek Helsinki Monitor <office@...> SIGN THE APPEAL:
      FREE B92!

      After ten years on the air, government officials - under cover of the
      NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia - silenced the free voice of the
      independent Belgrade radio station 'B92' on April 2, 1999. The illegal
      government takeover of B92, left the station's listeners in Belgrade
      and throughout Serbia and Montenegro cut off from a vital source of
      unbiased and balanced news.
      The illegal government takeover put a stop to the station's large
      cultural and publishing department, which included several magazines,
      editions of books, record labels, public debates and artistic actions.
      The illegal government takeover severed a vital link between Belgrade
      and the world, although this world always holds a place for Belgrade,
      Serbia and
      The illegal government repression of the free voice of B92 echoed
      across the country, with often harsher measures being taken against
      B92's fellow stations
      in the Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) and other
      Albanian and Serbian-language independent media in Kosovo.
      In the past 5 months, directors and staff of ANEM stations have been
      detained and imprisoned, their staff forcibly mobilised and
      transmitters and other
      assets seized in an attempt to wipe the last vestiges of free speech
      from the face of Yugoslavia.
      This repression continues today.
      The government takeover of B92 and the blanket repression of free media
      in Yugoslavia represent a fundamental violation of the right of every
      human being to freedom of speech and freedom of information.
      So, let's win back our right to speak freely and have free information
      Let's win back our right to listen to the best music.
      Let's win our right to have the media we want.
      Let's regain the right to have a Belgrade and a Serbia and a Yugoslavia
      that is open to the world, in a world that is open to Belgrade and the
      rest of our country.
      Let's fight together to Free B92.

      No radio exists without its listeners. I volunteer to be listed as a
      listener of the original Radio B92 and I am signing this petition as an
      act of support
      for the radio's original editorial team in its effort to continue
      making programs that inform and entertain me - on the same frequency,
      92.5 FM, using
      the same equipment, with same music, same news and the same people who
      have been managing B92 for the past ten years.

      Sign at:

      Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien, Postfach - CH 8031 Z�rich
      Tel. +41 / (0)1 /272 46 37; Fax +41 / (0)1 /272 46 82
      info@... /// http://www.medienhilfe.ch

      Florian Bieber

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