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Current Bibliography: Articles (UK/USA: Political Science, International Relations, History), 3/2003

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    Current Bibliography: Articles (UK/USA: Political Science, International Relations, History), 3/2003 ... 1. Problems of Post-Communism 2. Eastern European
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      Current Bibliography: Articles (UK/USA: Political Science, International Relations, History), 3/2003

      1. Problems of Post-Communism
      2. Eastern European Economics
      3. East European Politics and Societies

      4. Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans
      5. Mediterranean Quaterly
      6. European Review of History
      7. Balkanistika
      8. Identities: Global Studies in Power and Culture

      Problems of Post-Communism, May-June 2003 , Vol. 50 No. 03

      Eric Gordy, Rating the Sloba Show: Will Justice Be Served?, p. 53

      Eastern European Economics, January-February 2003, Vol. 41 No. 01
      HAKAN BERUMENT, Public Sector Pricing Behavior and Inflation Risk Premium in Turkey, p. 68
      MEJRA FESTIC, Inflation Targeting for Slovenia?, p.79

      East European Politics and Societies, Volume 17 Issue 02, May 2003
      Cheng Chen, The Roots of Illiberal Nationalism in Romania
      East European Politics and Societies, Volume 17 Issue 01, February 2003
      Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Of Dark Sides and Twilight Zones. Enlarging to the Balkans

      Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans, Volume 5, n°1, April 2003
      Pavlos Hatzopoulos, "all that is, is nationalist" : Western imaginings of the Balkans since the Yugoslav wars, pp. 25-38
      Florian Bieber, Approaches to political violence and terrorism in former Yugoslavia, pp. 39-51
      Denisa Kostovicova, The Albanians in Great-Britain : diasporic identity and experience in the educational perspective since 1990, pp. 53-69

      Mediterranean Quaterly, Volume 14, Number 2, Spring 2003
      Vasil Tuporkovski, Is the war in Kosovo the Last Balkan War?
      George Cristian Maior, Mihaela Matei, Bridging the gap in civil-military relations in Southeastern Europe : Romania's defense-planning case
      Michael B. Bishku, Turkish-bulgarian relations : from conflict and distrust to cooperation over minority issues and international politics

      European Review of History, Volume 10 Number 1/Spring 2003

      'The Magyars: A Ruling Race': The Idea of National Superiority in Fin-de-Sie¤cle Hungary  p. 5

      The Venetian Community--Between Civitas and Imperium. A Project of the Capital's Transfer from Venice to Constantinople, According to the Chronicle of Daniele Barbaro

      BALKANISTICA 16 (2003)

      ARTICLES: (1) "A Cyrillo-Methodian Entry and a Gap in the
      Menology of the Slepche Apostol" (Francis Butler) (pp.
      1-18); (2) "Identity from an Aesthetic Perspective:
      Rethinking Bakhtin in the Context of Romanian Culture"
      (Mihaela Czobor-Lupp) (pp. 19-60); (3) "Romanian pastra"
      (Eric P. Hamp) (pp. 61-62); (4) "Slovene vtic, Resian
      wtïk" (Eric P. Hamp) (pp. 63-66); (5) "For Karen at a
      Half-Century and Then Little More: Gravity in Romanian"
      (Eric P. Hamp) (pp. 67-68); (6) "The Rules for Definite
      Marking in Modern Bulgarian" (Eric P. Hamp) (pp. 69-70); (7)
      "Discourse Markers in Interrogative Clauses (Virginia Hill)
      (pp. 71-96); (8) "Thespian and Musical Life in
      Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian Occupation
      and Annexation 1878-1914" (Jelena Milojkovic-Djuric) (pp.
      97-116); (9) "The End of Childhood Is a Time of Magic: The
      Case of the Balkan Slavs" (Jan L. Perkowski) (pp.
      117-126);(10) "Russian Trade Prospects in Smyrna: An 1812
      Consular Report" (Theophilus C. Prousis) (pp. 127-138); and
      (11) "Totalitarianism in Bulgarian Décor: Text and Context
      in Ivan Radoev's The Cannibal (1976)" (Vessela S. Warner)
      (pp. 139-156).

      REVIEW ARTICLES: (1) "The War in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ethnic
      Conflict and International Intervention" by Steven L. Burg
      and Paul S. Shoup, Isa Blumi (pp. 159-164); (2) "Yugoslavia
      as History: Twice There Was a Country and The Balkans: From
      Constantinople to Communism," Thomas J. Hegarty (pp.
      165-70); (3) "The Moldovans: Romania, Russia and the
      Politics of Culture and Historical Dictionary of the
      Republic of Moldova," Paul Michelson (pp. 171-178); (4)
      "Jevrejski pisci u srpskoj knjizevnosti 'Jewish Writers in
      Serbian Literature'" by Predrad Palavestra, Jelena
      Milojkovic-Djuric (pp. 179-188); (5) "Comparative Remarks on
      Two Aromanian Dictionaries: Dictionar aromân
      (macedo-vlah), A-D, comparativ, contextual, normativ, modern
      'A Modern Comparative, Contextual and Normative Aromanian
      (Macedo-Vlah) Dictionary, A-D' and An English-Aromanian
      (Macedo-Romanian) Dictionary with Two Introductory Sketches
      on Aromanian," Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 189-194); and (6)
      "Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media" by
      Dina Iordanova, Galia Valtchinova (pp. 195-204)

      REVIEWS: (1) La crisi albanese 1997. L'azione dell'Italia e
      delle organizzazioni internazionali verso un nuovo modello
      di gestione della crisi? 'The 1997 Albanian Crisis. The
      Action of Italy and International Organizations toward a New
      Model of Conflicts Management?,' Andreas Maria de Guttry and
      Fabrizio Pagani (eds) (Giovanni Armillotta) (pp. 207-209);
      (2) Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek
      Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in
      Galicia, 1867-1900, John-Paul Himka (Gerasimus Augustinos)
      (pp. 210-211); (3) Approaching Ottoman History: An
      Introduction to the Sources, Suraiya Faroqhi (Isa Blumi) pp.
      (212-214); (4) Ethnologia Balkanica (Journal for Southeast
      European Anthropology), Klaus Roth et al. (eds) (Isa Blumi)
      (pp. 215-217); (5) A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire,
      Sevket Pamuk (Isa Blumi) (pp. 218-221); (6) Balkan as
      Metaphor: Between Globalization and Fragmentation, Dusan I.
      Bjelic and Obrad Savic (eds) (Cristina Bradatan) (pp.
      222-225); (7) The 'Lives' of SS Constantine-Cyril and
      Methodius: Two Hagiographic Works in Honour of the Slavic
      Apostles, Valentin Vulchanov (Francis Butler) (pp. 226-227);
      (8) The 3000 Years Old Hat, New Connections with Old Europe:
      The Thraco-Phrygian World, Irina Florov and Nicholas Florov
      (Ana Chelariu) (pp. 228-230); (9) The Palgrave Concise
      Historical Atlas of the Balkans, Dennis P. Hupchick and
      Harold E. Cox (Evguenia Davidova) (pp. 231-233); (10)
      Descriptive Romanian Grammar: An Outline, Laura Daniliuc and
      Radu Daniliuc (Donald L. Dyer and Valentina Iepuri) (pp.
      234-237); (11) Albanskij toskijskij govor sela Leshnja
      (kraina Skrapar): Sintaksis, Leksika, Etnolingvistika,
      Teksty 'The Albanian Tosk Dialect of the Village of Leshnja
      (Skrapar Region): Syntax, Lexicon, Ethnolinguistics, Texts,'
      Dzheljal' Jully [Xhelal Ylli] and Andrej N. Sobolev (Victor
      A. Friedman) (pp. 238-240); (12) Comparative Syntax of
      Balkan Languages, María Luisa Rivero and Angela Ralli
      (eds) (Virginia Hill (pp. 241-244); (13) Croatia: A History,
      Ivo Goldstein (James Krokar) (pp. 245-246); (14) Modern
      Hatreds: The Symbolic Politics of Ethnic War, Stuart J.
      Kaufman (Christopher Lamont) (pp. 247-250); (15) Papers from
      the Second Conference on Formal Approaches to South Slavic
      Languages (University of Trondheim Working Papers in
      Linguistics 31), Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Lars Hellen,
      Ivan Kasabov and Iliyana Krapova (eds) (John R. Leafgren)
      (pp. 251-254); (16) Magijska saputanja, pesme i bajalice
      Sokobanjskog Kraja, Sokobanja 'The Magical Whisperings,
      Songs and Incantations of the Sokobanskij Region of
      Sokobanje,' Golub Radovanovic (Jelena Milojkovic-Djuric)
      (pp. 255-257); (17) Dromena, Dragoslav Antonijevic(Jelena
      Milojkovic-Djuric) (pp. 258-259); (18) Nov
      balgarsko-anglijski rechnik, Obsht i politehnicheski 'New
      Bulgarian-English Dictionary: General and Polytechnical,'
      Gocho Chakalov et al. (Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 260-263); (19)
      Serbian Australians in the Shadow of the Balkan War,
      Nicholas G. Proctor (Sam Pryke) (pp. 264-266); (20) Religija
      i carkva v Balgarija 'Religion and Church in Bulgaria,'
      Georgi Bakalov (ed.) (Barbara Reeves-Ellington) (pp.
      267-270); (21) The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav
      Border; Difference, Identity, and Sovereignty in
      Twentieth-Century Europe, Glenda Sluga (Marijan Sabic) (pp.
      271-272); (22) Recent Social Trends in Bulgaria, 1960-1995,
      Nikolai Genov and Anna Krasteva (eds) (Galia Valtchinova)
      (pp. 273-274); (23) Ultima Carte 'The Final Book.' The
      Integral Text of Anton Golopentias Declarations under
      Arrest Kept in the Archives of the Romanian Service for
      Information, Sanda Golopentia (ed.) (Emil Vrabie) (pp.
      277-279); and (24) Cry of a Former Dog: Poems of Konstantin
      Pavlov, Ludmila Popova-Wightman, Translator (Vessela S.
      Warner) (pp. 280-283).

      IN MEMORIAM: Kostas Kazazis (pp. 287-296) and Emil Vrabie
      (pp. 297-306).

      For information, write:
      Donald L. Dyer, Editor
      Department of Modern Languages
      The University of Mississippi
      University, MS 38677
      Telephone: (662)915-7298
      Fax: (662)915-1086
      E-Mail: <mldyer@...>
      Visit the Balkanistica WWW site at:

      Identities: Global Studies in Power and Culture, Volume 10 Number 2/April-June 2003

      Downloading New Identities: Ethnicity, Technology, and Media in the Global Greek Village  p. 201
      Anastasia N. Panagakos
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