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CfA: European exchange program "Europe in Motion - Let's Move Together", Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, 8.8.-22.8.2003

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  • Behrooz M. Afshari
    CALL FOR APPLlCATION EUROPE IN MOTION - LET S MOVE TOGETHER! International European youth exchange program on Migration and Integration. Organization:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2003


      International European youth exchange program on Migration and Integration.

      Organization: Bosporus-Gesellschaft e.V. Germany / Bogaziçi Gençlik Dernegi Turkey

      Supported by: Means of the Programme YOUTH of the European Commission and Sabanci University Istanbul.

      Participation conditions:

      - Age between 18-25.

      - Ability to communicate in English.

      - Interest in the theme of the project.

      Date: 8. 8. - 22. 8. 2003

      Place: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir

      · Theme

      Europe is under construction! Carried on great hopes and it's own history. Migration has been one of the most important phenomenon which shaped the European history.

      The theme of this programme will focus on one of the most actual, tangible and problematic topics both in SEE and in the European Union: Migration and Integration. Most migration stories have been told with pain and suffer. They had to go, because either they were being alien to area they were living for centuries, ethnically, religiously and nationally or because of economical problems and the human need to live in a "better" standard. And Balkans was one of the areas most suffered in that sense, mainly because of its multi-ethnic and multi-religious structure.

      Now, in beginning of a new century, migration seems different, both in shape and in character. Besides "forced" migration connected to the atrocious war in Yugoslavia in 1990s people move mainly because they look for a better standard of living and better future for their children. Today 2.1 million Turks are living in Germany for more than 40 years. Recent studies show, young and educated people especially from Balkan countries are eager to emigrate to another country, mainly the EU, after a better standard of living. Many Balkan countries have reached an alarming number of emigration especially among youth. Brain drain and lack of qualified experts are going to be the biggest problem of the region in the near future.

      However migration has also something challenging in itself which can help the society developing: The multiculturalism; transformation and exchange of cultures and experiences. To support this challenge, there has been constant efforts to create a high level of movement within the European Union for few decades, which finds its explanation with the term "freedom of movement" and "mobility". Number of actions have been taking to ensure legal, economic, social equality within the Union, no matter the country of origin or destination. Educational and non-formal educational programs are being used to promote movement among youth, such as Socrates and Erasmus.

      · Realisation, Programme

      The exchange programme includes a start up seminar during which the participants are asked to present papers on a previously agreed topic. Each presentation is followed by discussions where the participants can express and exchange their thoughts and opinions on the topic.

      Throughout the project, the participants will be divided up to four working groups and will work by exploring substance and different aspects of migration taking part in various activities.

      The Programme is subdivided in five parts:

      · Seminar (3 days at a seminar venue in Istanbul)

      · Transfer to Istanbul City Center, (2 days: meetings with journalists, NGO activists, Migration Institutions and Experts etc.)

      · Ankara: (2 days: meetings with UNHCR-Turkey representatives, workshops with EU-Commission representatives, Turkish Ministries etc.)

      · Izmir: (3 days: meeting with students of 9. Eylül University, visit and workshops in Ephesus and former Greek villages, migration institutions etc.)

      · Istanbul: (4 days: meetings with representative of European e.g. French, German communities, visit of the refugee camp for Balkan refugees in Kirklareli etc. and final Evaluation)

      · Participation fees:

      Germany: 250 Euro

      Greece: 200,- Euro

      Albania:100,- Euro

      Bulgaria: 100,- Euro

      Bosnia and Herzegovina: 100,- Euro

      Serbia and Montenegro: 100,- Euro

      Turkey: 75,- Euro

      This charge covers the following expenses:

      Greece, Germany, Turkey

      - accommodation, insurance, travelling, trips, conference rooms, material, lectures

      - a part (6 days) of catering

      The participants will need money for their private expenses and meal.

      Albania, Bulgaria, BiH, Serbia and Montenegro

      - accommodation, insurance, travelling, trips, conference rooms, material, lectures

      - catering

      The participants will need money for their private expenses.


      During the whole project the group is lodged in several youth hostels, student dormitories or hotels. During the second part of the programme in Istanbul, participants will be hosted by Bogaziçi Gençlik Dernegi (Bosporus Youth Association Turkey) members.

      Are you interested?

      Please use the online application form which is available at: www.bosporus.org

      Deadline: 02.07.2003

      For further information please contact:

      Bosporus-Gesellschaft e.V.
      Bonner Talweg 33-35
      D-53113 Bonn / Germany

      Tel: +49-228-26 38 43
      Fax: +49-228-209 49 98
      e-mail: bonn@...

      web: www.bosporus.org


      Bogaziçi Gençlik Dernegi

      SUSLU SAKSI SOK. NO: 19/4


      Tel: +90 212 244 68 03 (2 lines)

      Fax: +90 212 244 68 05

      e-mail: turkey@...

      web: www.bosporus.org
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