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CfA: Master's Degree in SEE Studies, University of Athens

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  • Boris Ristovic
    Anyone interested please inform me as soon as possible, so I could forward to him/her/it the coursework schedule and application form. BoRis MASTER’S DEGREE
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2003
      Anyone interested please inform me as soon as possible, so I could forward to him/her/it the coursework schedule and application form.




      The Master’s Degree in Southeast European Studies is hosted by the University of Athens – Department of Political Sciences & Public Administration, on behalf of the Network of Southeast European Universities, established under the auspices of the European Union’s Royaumont Process and currently supported by the Stability Pact for SEE. It is part of a broader project ("U/SEE Project") bringing together several universities of Southeastern Europe, which share some common goals: to raise public awareness, to stimulate discussion and to facilitate cross-border academic and scientific cooperation among them, for the promotion of common understanding, good neighbourly relations, respect for human rights, economic and social development and sustainable peace in Southeastern Europe (SEE).

      The special characteristics of this postgraduate programme, primarily its multinational and interdisciplinary character, differentiate it from a standard academic package of its kind. As a result, its organization takes into consideration these special characteristics and accommodates them, without compromising its academic quality, content or efficiency.

      Content of the postgraduate programme

      This is a one-year Master’s programme, which includes coursework and research. It begins in early October and its initial 24 working weeks are dedicated to lectures and seminars falling under four broad subject-areas, namely:

      · Southeast European History and Culture

      · Politics, Economics & Society in a Democratic Setting

      · European Integration and Southeastern Europe

      · Conflict Resolution & Regional Cooperation

      During the coursework part, the students are required to make oral presentations and to submit written essays. Upon completion of the coursework, the students are asked to take four written and/or oral examinations, one in each of the 4 courses mentioned above. Thereafter, they can return to their countries, where they pursue further research on a topic previously agreed upon, leading to the submission of a dissertation (15,000 – 20,000 words) by the end of July. The examination and dissertation marks are counted towards the award of the Master’s degree in October.


      The teaching staff primarily comes from the participating Universities of the Network.

      Admission requirements

      No more than thirty-five students are accepted into the programme each year, most of them originating from countries of Southeastern Europe. Those interested in enrolling should obtain the special application form either from one of the partner Universities, or directly from the Master’s Secretariat in Athens, complete and forward it to the Secretariat. A limited number of non-SEE nationals may also be accepted, following applications submitted directly to the Secretariat in Athens.

      In general, applicants must hold at least a first University degree, with emphasis on Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration, Law, History, Economics, or Business. Applications from individuals with other backgrounds will also be considered, if properly documented. The applicants should complete the special application form, to which they should attach the necessary supportive documentation (one certified copy of their first degree and one simple copy of the transcripts of their marks; the official translation of the above in English (or Greek); two recommendation letters; proof of very good knowledge of the English language-Proficiency or TOEFL).

      Tuition Fees

      Students coming from the countries of the Network: The University of Athens charges no academic tuition fees and they are eligible to apply for a scholarship (€ 3,639.03 in 7 monthly installments).

      Greek students and students coming from countries outside the Network: The University of Athens charges the amount of € 1,500.

      Parallel activities

      In addition to the lectures and seminars, students enrolled in the Master’s programme have the opportunity to listen to important speakers from academia, politics, the diplomatic corps, business, etc., from SEE and beyond. Some of these lectures may be open to the broader public, as are other scientific and cultural events (e.g. conferences, exhibitions, etc.) held in the framework of the Network of Southeast European Universities joint activities. Study visits and foreign language courses are also offered.
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