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[balkans] Books for Prishtina

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  • Florian Bieber
    From: WUS Austria Subject: books for PrishtinaDear Ms. Ereckson!Florian Bieber forwarded your mail concerning your inquiry for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      From: WUS Austria <office@...>
      Subject: books for Prishtina

      Dear Ms. Ereckson!

      Florian Bieber forwarded your mail concerning your inquiry for the support
      with books for Prishtina to WUS (World University Service) Austria. As you
      may already know, WUS is an international NGO with comittees in over 40
      countries. The basic idea of WUS is the promotion of the right to education
      and academic freedom.
      Since the end of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina WUS Austria has focussed its
      work on the reconstruction of a well-functioning system of higher education
      in B-H. Since autumn 1998 WUS is working in Prishtina/Kosovo, which
      temporarily moved to Tetovo/Fyrom due to the war in Kosovo and is now in
      the process of reopening in Prishtina. I myself am since recently in charge
      of the coordination of the projects in Kosovo and function as the main
      contact person between the Prishtina Office and Graz/Austria.

      Concerning your inquiry for the shipments of books to Kosovo and its
      procedure I would like to say that in general books are very welcome - only
      transport will be a problem at the moment. WUS could be a good source for
      establishing contacts and finding out for procedures, still, it would be
      best to wait a little while (a month at
      least) until things start to settle. Anyway it would be interesting to
      learn what type of books can be provided and who pays for them (or what the
      conditions are, if a donor is still being looked for).

      USIS might well be operational again as they relocated their staff no
      further than Skopje which makes a quick return probable, but this is
      something to be confirmed by Elmar Pichl, the head of WUS Prishtina. You
      may contact him via e-mail: pristina@.... You may also find
      some more information about the work of WUS Austria in our homepage:

      Thanks and best regards,

      Carolin Leutloff
      WUS Austria

      World University Service - Austrian Commitee
      Maiffredygasse 11, A-8010 Graz
      Telephone: +43 316 382258
      Fax: +43 316 3822584
      E-mail: office@...

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