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New Book Disputed Territories: The Transnational Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict Settlement

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  • Florian Bieber
    Order information below. Please note that there is a special 20% pre-publication discount with this email ­ valid until February 21, 2003. DISPUTED
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      Order information below. Please note that there is a special 20%
      pre-publication discount with this email ­ valid until February 21,

      The Transnational Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict Settlement

      Stefan Wolff

      Ethnic conflicts have shaped the 20th century in significant ways. While
      the legacy of the last century is primarily one of many unresolved
      conflicts, the author contends that Western Europe has a track record in
      containing and settling ethnic conflicts which provides valuable lessons
      for conflict management elsewhere. Focusing on ethno-territorial
      cross-border conflicts in Alsace, the Saarland, South Tyrol, Northern
      Ireland, Andorra and the New Hebrides, the author develops a
      four-dimensional analytical framework that synthesizes the distinct
      factors that influence the complex relationship between host-state,
      kin-state, and actors in the disputed territory and the international

      From the Contents: Part One: A Framework for the Study of
      Ethno-Territorial Cross-Border Conflicts and Their Settlements:
      Conceptual Clarification: External Minorities and Disputed Territories;
      Possible Conflict Settlements for Ethno-Territorial Cross-Border
      Conflicts; Conclusion of Part One: Which Factors Influence
      Ethno-Territorial Cross-Border Conflicts and the Stability of Their
      Settlements?; Part Two: Case Studies: Alsace; The Saarland; South Tyrol;
      Northern Ireland; Condominium Status as a Settlement for
      Ethno-Territorial Cross-Border Conflicts: Andorra and the New Hebrides;
      Part Three: Achieving Conflict Settlements and Managing Their Stability:
      Conditions Conducive to Conflict Settlement and Settlement Stability;

      About the author: Stefan Wolff was educated at the University of
      Leipzig, Germany. He received an M.Phil. from the University of
      Cambridge and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. He is
      currently Lecturer in the Department of European Studies at the
      University of Bath.

      February 2003. 248 pages, bibliog., index
      ISBN 1-57181-516-3 hardback List Price $69.95/£47.00 Disc. Price
      Studies in Ethnopolitics, Vol. 1

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