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CfP: Cultures of Post-1989 Central and East Europe, 21-24.8.2002, Targu-Mures

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  • Meri Izrail
    The Cultures of Post-1989 Central and East Europe, an international conference, will take place in Targu-Mures, Romania, 21-24 August 2003. The conference is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2002
      The Cultures of Post-1989 Central and East Europe, an international
      conference, will take place in Targu-Mures, Romania, 21-24 August 2003.

      The conference is hosted by the Gheorghe Sincai Research Institute of
      the Social Sciences and the Humanities of the Romanian Academy of
      Sciences (Targu Mures) and Petru Maior University (Targu Mures).

      Abstracts of 200 words in English, German, or French with a biographical
      detail of 200 words are invited in the following areas of post-1989
      Central and East Europen culture, whereby comparative papers are
      preferred: Culture in general and including literature, the arts, film,
      music, etc.; Comparative media studies (aspects of television, radio,
      film, journalism, etc.); The politics of culture and cultural policy;
      The histories of post-1989 Central and East Europe; Cultural traditions
      and European integration; Intersections of society and socialization;
      Globalization, economics, and culture; Aspects of minorities, the
      marginal, and marginalization. Further topics and proposals of thematic
      panels are also welcome. The deadline of abstracts is 31 March 2003.

      The abstracts are invited to the conference conveners Carmen Andras at
      prognoze@... or carmen_andras@... and Steven
      Totosy totosy@...-halle.de or clcweb@... . The theme
      of the conference is contemporary Central and East European culture
      after the 1989-90 demise of the Soviet colonial period. A debated
      notion, Central and East Europe is defined here as a geographical region
      stretching from Austria and the former East Germany (incl.
      Mitteldeutschland) to Romania and Bulgaria, the Baltic countries, Serbia
      and the Ukraine, etc., including the Habsburg lands and German influence
      and their spheres of interest at various times including now. Since the
      events of 1989-90 and the demise of the Soviet empire, the cultures of
      Central and East Europe have engaged in a restructuring of their
      political, economic, social, and cultural environments and societies.

      While this reshaping of the region is still on-going, there is a new
      Central and East Europe in place now, politically, socially,
      economically, and culturally. The objectives of the conference include
      explorations into aspects of the social and cultural situation of the
      new Central and East Europe by scholars working in the region: based on
      the notion of scholarship with perspectives from the "outside" versus
      the "inside," the conference is with focus on the work of scholars whose
      institutional affiliation is in Central and East Europe (further
      conferences are planned to combine perspectives from the "inside" and
      from the "outside," however). The conference at Targu Mures is a
      continuation of previous gatherings such as the international conference
      Central European Culture Today, organized by Steven Totosy and hosted by
      the Canadian Centre for Austrian and Central European Studies (U of
      Alberta, Canada, 1999) and the symposia "Comparative Culture and
      Hungarian Studies" at the 24th Annual Conference of the American
      Hungarian Educator's Association (John Carroll U, USA, 1999) and
      "Comparative Cultural Studies and Post-1989 Central European Culture" of
      the Hungarian Discussion Group at the annual convention of the Modern
      Language Association of America (Washington, D.C., USA, 2000), organized
      by Steven Totosy. Selected papers from these conferences are published
      in Comparative Central European Culture, Ed. Steven Totosy de Zepetnek,
      in volume one in the Purdue series of Books in Comparative Cultural
      Studies http://www.thepress.purdue.edu/compstudies.htm . West
      Lafayette: Purdue UP, 2002 (see at
      http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/ccs-purdue.html ). Similarly,
      selected papers of the conference at Targu-Mures are planned to be
      published in the Purdue series of Books in Comparative Cultural Studies.

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