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CfA: Fellowship in European security and defence policy, Prague

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  • Florian Bieber
    Datum: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 11:41:23 +0200 Position of Pre-doctoral Research Fellow in European security and defence policy Application deadline 15 May 2001.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2002
      Datum: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 11:41:23 +0200

      Position of Pre-doctoral Research Fellow
      in European security and defence policy

      Application deadline 15 May 2001. Appointment as of 1 September

      A pre-doctoral research fellow is required for the project "Bridging
      the Accountability Gap in European Security and Defence Policy" (ESDP
      Democracy)for up to 24 months at the Institute of International
      Relations, Prague (IIR).

      The researcher will be one of several 'pre-' and four 'post-doc'
      researchers in ESDP Democracy. The researcher will share in the
      responsibility for IIR's link to the other partners, for the
      accession countries and civil-military relations aspect of the
      programme and for the organisation of commo n workshops. One workshop
      on "ESDP and accession countries" will be organised by IIR in 2003.
      The researcher will assist the post-doc research fellow in organising
      this workshop.

      At IIR the researcher will be working with one 'post-doc' research
      fellow of the ESDP Democracy project and several IIR researchers,
      focusing on European security and defence policy and civil-military

      The researcher is expected to develop her/his own project within the
      programme in co-operation with partner institutions and subject to
      approval by IIR. The project should study aspects of the ESDP that
      are relevant to EU accession countries and how these relate to the
      democratic accountability of the European security and defence
      policy. We also expect the researcher to contribute to other related
      ongoing projects at IIR.

      The successful candidate will have:

      * A university degree in a relevant field. (Diploma and CV should
      be attached to application.)

      * Keen interest in security and defence policy and/or means to
      ensure democratic accountability in this area. Selected work in this
      area (article/chapter, thesis etc.) of the candidates may be

      * Fluent or very good English. Other languages are preferable but
      not required.

      * Organisational skills, initiative and the will and ability to
      work as part of a team.

      * Enrolment in a University PhD program or planning to do so by
      September 2002.

      The project is financed by the Research and Training Network (RTN) of
      the European Commission, and follows RTN rules of employment. This
      means that the researcher must be un der 35 years of age at the time
      of appointment (exceptions are made for military or alternative ser
      vice and childbirth). The researcher must be a national of the EU or
      an Associate country or have b een resident in the EU-area for the
      previous five years. However, Czech citizens cannot apply for t he
      'pre-doc' position hosted by IIR, and neither can others who have
      been living continuously in th e Czech Republic for 12 of the last 24
      months prior to the appointment.

      IIR will be granting salaries according to RTN rules. Gross monthly
      salary is in the range of EURO 1,000 (minimum) and 1,250 (maximum)
      depending on experience. Czech social and health security compu lsory
      contributions apply. IIR is an equal opportunity employer and women
      are especially encouraged to apply.

      The project is described on the RTN web site: www.esdpdemocracy.net.
      For more information on RTN job at IIR please contact Radek Khol, e-
      mail: khol@...

      Applications with diploma, CV, a brief note on current research and
      an article/chapter of own choice should be marked "ESDP Democracy"
      and posted to IIR Director: Jiri Sedivy, Institute of International
      Relations, Nerudova 3, Praha 1-Mala Strana,118 00, Czech Republic.
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