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Conference: The Salonica Theatre of Operations and the Outcome of the Great War, 16-18.4.2002, Thessaloniki

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  • Eleutheria Manta
    International Conference THE SALONIKA THEATRE OF OPERATIONS AND THE OUTCOME OF THE GREAT WAR 16-18 April 2002 Thessaloniki, Greece Organized by: INSTITUTE
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002
      International Conference
      16-18 April 2002
      Thessaloniki, Greece

      Organized by:
      Thessaloniki Officers Club
      1, Ethnikis Amynis St.


      Tuesday April 16

      09:30-10:15 : Official opening ceremonies

      10:15-11:00 : Break

      Chairman: Jean-Claude Allain

      11:00-11:20 : Myron Myridis (Greece)

      A geographical approach to the broader Macedonian area in the period 1900-1920

      11:20-11:40 : Ioannis Mourelos (Greece)

      Le front d'Orient dans la Grande Guerre. Enjeux et stratégies

      11.40-12.00: Holger Afflerbach (Germany)

      Greece and the Balkan Area in German Strategy

      12.00-12.20 : Georgi Markov (Bulgaria)

      The Southern Front in Bulgaria's Foreign Policy and Strategy

      12:20-12:40 : Angeliki Sfika-Theodosiou (Greece)

      Italy and the end of the war in south-eastern Europe

      12:40-13:00 : Discussion

      Chairman: Vasilios Kontis

      17:15-17:35 : Costic Prodan (Romania)

      The Romanian and the Thessaloniki Front in the Geostrategic Framework of the Second Half of the Year 1916

      17:35-17:55 : Dimiter Ionchev (Bulgaria)

      The Salonika Front and the Development of the art of war of the Bulgarian Army

      17:55-18:15 : Ioannis Loukas (Greece)

      Naval thinking in the Great War and the geostrategic area of Macedonia

      18:15-18:35 : Discussion

      18:35-19:00 : Break

      19:00-19:20 : Dimiter Minchev (Bulgaria)

      The Participation of the Bulgarian Army in the Salonika Front

      19:20-19:40 : Dumitru Preda (Romania)

      La Roumanie et le front de Salonique pendant l'automne de 1918

      19:40-20:00 : Discussion

      Wednesday April 17

      Chairman: Dusan Batakovic

      09:30-09:50 : Nikolaos Papadakis (Greece)

      The strategic choices of Eleftherios Venizelos and the Salonika Theatre of Operations

      09:50-10:10 : Konstantinos Svolopoulos (Greece)

      Greece from War to Peace

      10:10-10:30 : Eleni Katsiadaki-Gardika (Greece)

      Greek diplomatic planning, 1917-1918

      10:30-10:50 : Renaud Dorihiac (France)

      Le front d'Orient face à la question albanaise: la 'République de Korytza'

      10:50-11:10 : Andrej Mitrovic (Yugoslavia)

      Political Consequences of the Break-up of the Salonika Front

      11:10-11:30 : Discussion

      11:30-11:50 : Break

      Chairman: Ioannis Koliopoulos

      11:50-12:10 : Gérard Fassy (France)

      La réorganisation du Commandement des Armées Alliées en Orient par le Général Guillaumat, janvier-mai 1918

      12:10-12:30 : Dimitrios Portolos (Greece)

      The Making of an Army: Greek Forces at the Salonika Front, 1917-1918

      12:30-12:50 : Prodromos Spahidis (Greece)

      The Greek army during the Great War. Operations May-October 1918

      12:50-13:15 : Discussion

      Chairman: Jean Delmas

      17:15-17:35 : Francine Saint-Raymond (France)

      Les 'planqués' du front d'Orient

      17:35-17:55 : Angeliki Dimitriou (Greece)

      The Greek warrior on the Macedonian Front

      17:55-18:15 : Mile Bjelajac (Yugoslavia)

      Another Side of the War: Treating Wounded and Captured Enemies by the Serbian Army

      18:15-18:35 : Discussion

      18:35-19:00 : Break

      19:00-19:20 : Vasilios Kolonas (Greece)

      The daily life of the foreign soldier in wartime Salonika

      19:20-19:40 : Patrick Facon (France)

      Le soldat de l'armée d'Orient face à la maladie

      19:40-20:00 : Gerasimos Pentogalos (Greece)

      Problems of sanitation on the Salonika Front

      20:00-20:20 : Discussion

      Thursday April 18

      Chairman: Konstantinos Svolopoulos

      09:30-09:50 : Haralambos Papastathis (Greece)

      The Great Fire in Salonika and the involvement of the Allied factor

      09:50-10:10 : Alexandra Karadimou-Gerolympou (Greece)

      L'incendie de Salonique: Fait divers ou dégât collatéral?

      10:10-10:30 : Dusan Batakovic (Yugoslavia)

      The Salonika Trial 1917: Black Hand versus Democracy

      10:30-10:50 : Loukianos Hassiotis (Greece)

      The Macedonian Front and the civilian population: displacement and military autocracy

      10:50-11:10 : Discussion

      11:10-11:30 : Break

      Chairman: Michel Berlaud

      11:30-11:50 : Bruno Hamard (France)

      L'importance du front d'Orient dans la victoire alliée de 1918

      11:50-12:10 : Jean-Claude Allain (France)

      Les armistices de la Grande Guerre: de l'Orient à l'Occident

      12:10-12:30 : Spyros Sfetas (Greece)

      The capitulation of Bulgaria. From expectation to confutation

      12:30-12:50 : Xanthippe Zymari-Kotzageorgi (Greece)

      The Greek military mission to Sofia, 1918-1919

      12:50-13:15 : Jean Delmas (France)

      Le devenir de l'armée d'Orient après l'armistice

      13:10-13:30 : Discussion

      Chairman: Nikolaos Papadakis

      17:00-17:20 : Ion Patroi (Romania)

      Documentary Information from French Archives Concerning the Salonika Front at the End of World War I

      17:20-17:40 : Rémy Porte (France)

      Militaires Français et Renseignment en Grèce et sur le Front d'Orient. Approche historiographique des sources françaises

      17:40-18:00 : Slobodan Markovic (Yugoslavia)

      British Perceptions of the Salonika Front

      18:00-18:20 : Milan Ristovic (Yugoslavia)

      The Salonika Front in Yugoslav/Serbian Historiography and Publications

      18:20-18:40 : Discussion

      18:40-19:00 : Break

      19:00-19:20 : Georgios Anastasiadis (Greece)

      Salonika during the Great War through the eyes of her prose writers

      19:20-19:40 : Niki Lykourgou (Greece)

      Stratis Myrivilis in the Great War: soldier, warrior and war correspondent

      19:40-20:00 : Discussion

      20:00-20:20 : Ioannis Mourelos (Greece)

      Recapitulation and overall assessment

      Simultaneous interpretation will be available


      Tuesday April 16

      Inauguration of an exhibition on the Salonika Front.

      Time: 10.15

      Organized by:

      Greek Litterary and Historical Archive (ELIA)

      Thessaloniki Officers Club

      First projection of French documentary films relating to the Salonika Front.

      Time: 21.00

      Organised by:

      The French Institute of Thessaloniki

      The French Ministry of National Defence

      Albert Kahn Museum, France

      ANETON cinema, 42 Paraskevopoulou st.
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