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CfP: Bibliographic essays on nationalisms

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  • Florian Bieber
    From: Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 16:51:17 +0200 From: Tomek Subject: Call for submission of bibliographical
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      Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 16:51:17 +0200
      From: Tomek <tomek672@...>
      Subject: Call for submission of bibliographical essays on specific
      Call for submission of bibliographical essays on specific nationalisms

      Sprawy Narodowosciowe (Nationalities Affairs) is the premiere European
      biannual periodical devoted to the study of nationalism and ethnicity.

      After the breakup of the Soviet bloc, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia at
      the close of the 20th century, nationalism became the only truly global
      ideology. The world got divided into the nation-states steeped either in
      civic or ethnic nationalism. Even the par excellence non-nationalist
      polities such as Gibraltar and Monaco are busy reinventing themselves as

      In the 21st century the basic political unit is the nation-state and its
      social counterpart is the nation. Although the processes of globalization,
      hybradization and regionalization may change this current political and
      social reality of the world in future, it will not happen any time soon.
      Thus, the necessity arises to spur up comparative research on nationalism
      as embodied in various nation-states and pursued by national movements
      without their own states. The dynamics of these nationalisms and
      interactions among them maintain the current political and social shape of
      the world, and will change it accordingly.

      Without the in-depth analysis of these nationalisms neither sound
      explication of social, political and economic processes will be possible
      nor taking learned decisions by politicians.

      Therefore, Sprawy Narodowosciowe (Nationalities Affairs) wishes to
      contribute to the creation of the basis for the comparative study of the
      extant nationalisms through attracting bibliographical essays devoted to


      1. The bibliographical essay presents publications that create and analyze
      the nationalism of a given nation state (or of a stateless national
      movement/group/nation). These publications were brought out in the state's
      national language, or, in the case of non-existence/recent standardization
      of such a language, in a language or languages popularly used on the
      territory of such a nation-state.

      2. The essay focuses on the following texts:
      - publications (poetry, fiction, scholarly works etc.) that shaped the
      nationalism of a given nation-state;
      - publications that analyze and describe this nationalism;
      - local publications that contribute to theoretical thought and research on
      nationalism in general;
      - if possible the essay should be wrapped up with information on the local
      reception of the global discourse on nationalism, this is, on translations
      into the national language of the premiere international works devoted to

      3. The essay's closing section (this is, the list of references) includes
      the bibliographical details of the mentioned texts. If some important titles
      could not be treated in extenso in the essay itself, their bibliographical
      entries in the list of references can be appended with additional
      information in the form accepted in annotated bibliographies.

      The additional information in regard of some issues discussed in the body
      of the text, is included in footnotes.

      4. The essay should not be longer than 10,000-15,000 words including
      footnotes and references. However, in the case of `large' or complicated
      nationalisms (for instance, as that of Russia) as well as in other special
      instances (to be discussed with the Editor and the Coordinator of the
      Project beforehand) the rule may be omitted.

      We wish to attract authors to write bibliographical essays in accordance
      with the guidelines as sketched above. However, we are also ready to
      consider the already published bibliographical essays should they conform
      with the format's broad framework.

      We are interested in receiving bibliographical essays on all extant
      nationalisms including the stateless ones. Obviously, due to the Eurasian
      location of the Editorial Head Quarters of Sprawy Narodowosciowe
      (Nationalities Affairs), our interest is most in the nascent nationalisms
      busy building their nations and nation-states on the territories of the
      erstwhile Soviet Union and of ex-Yugoslavia.

      As the rule we can consider accepting submissions in all languages. But for
      the sake of expedience we encourage to submit essays in English and Russian
      if possible.

      The accepted submissions will be brought up in Sprawy Narodowo=B6ciowe
      (Nationalities Affairs) in Polish translation.

      This is an on-going call for submissions and there are no deadlines, Thus,
      when the amount of submitted essays allows it they will be gradually
      published in the succession of separate volumes. We predict to bring out
      these volumes in English for the sake of improved world-wide discussion on

      Address for further correspondence:
      Sprawy Narodowosciowe (Nationalities Affairs)
      Unit for the Study of Nationalities
      Polish Academy of Sciences
      Stary Rynek 78/79
      61-771 Poznan
      Tel/fax (+48) (61) 8520950

      Editor: Prof. Wojciech J Burszta (wojbur@...)

      Initiator and Coordinator of the Project `Bibliographical Essays on
      Nationalisms': Dr Tomasz Kamusella (tomek672@...;
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