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CfA: Divided Societies, Citizenship and "Globalization", Dubrovnik, 17-25 April 2001

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  • Florian Bieber
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2001
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      Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik
      Don Frana Bulica 4
      HR-20000 Dubrovnik - Croatia
      Tel: +385 20 413 626
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      IUC Academic Programme 2000/2001, Course No 23
      DIVIDED SOCIETIES: Citizenship and Globalization
      Dubrovnik, 17-25 April 2001

      Directors: Heribert Adam, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; Otto
      Feinstein, Wayne State University; Nataa Gaber-Damjanovska, University of
      Skopje; Kogila Moodley, University of British Columbia; Rodolfo
      Stavenhagen, Collegio de Mexico; Mitja agar, Institute for Ethnic Studies,
      Ljubljana; Silva Menaric, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies,

      Organising Director: Silva Menaric

      Lecturers: Heribert Adam, Saa Boic, Otto Feinstein, Vlasta Jaluic, David
      Jervis, Kevin Deegan Krause, Tonci Kuzmanic, Rodolfo Martinez, Silva
      Menaric, Sabina Mihelj, Kiril Miladinov, Kogila Moodley, Maria Oliveira
      Roca, Zarana Papic, Zarko Puhovski, Brad Roth, Emilija Simoska, Laura
      akaja-Uarevic, Maja Uzelac, Srdan Vrcan, Mitja Zagar, Ivo Zanic.

      Course Divided Societies in its fourth year of continuous work offers as
      its central topic: Globalisation and Citizenship in comparative
      perspectives. Main topics are (a) Minorities and Identities: Indigenous
      Minorities and their Claim for self-determination (South Africa), Race
      Relations and Identities in the Americas. National Minorities, Feasibility
      and Legitimacy of New Sovereign States (SAR and the Balkans). Immigrant
      Minorities and Xenophobia in Different National Contexts (Americas and
      Europe). (b) Gender and Identities: Globalisation, Affinities and
      Identities. (c) State Sovereignty and self-determination: The Nation
      State: Internal and International Aspects of Sovereignty. Ethnicity,
      Parties and Politics of Citizenship. (d) Civic Literacy: Conflict
      Resolution and Identities. (e) Citizenship in the Future: International
      Migration and Shifting Identities. New Boundaries in Europe and
      Politics of Citizenship.
      The course is organized in five Workshops and eight working days.
      Organizers of particular Workshops select topics and papers to be
      delivered. In registering for the Course please state which Workshop would
      you prefer to participate in and contact the organizers. Summaries (two
      pages long) of papers are kindly requested to be delivered to the IUC
      Secretariat no later than April 01.

      Course 23 Divided Societies 2001
      Number of students admitted: 30
      Registration begins: February 01, 2001
      Registration ends: March 15, 2001

      Register by IUC Secretariat
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