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New Book: Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of Multi- Ethnic Communities

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  • Florian Bieber
    From: Petra Kovacs The LGI Managing Multiethnic Communities Project (MMCP) is pleased to announce a forthcoming publication (for order
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      From: Petra Kovacs <kovacsp@...>

      The LGI Managing Multiethnic Communities Project (MMCP) is pleased to
      announce a forthcoming publication (for order information, please, check the
      end of this message):

      "Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of Multi-Ethnic Communities In
      Central and Eastern Europe" (March 2001)

      Edited by Anna-Maria Biro and Petra Kovacs

      "Diversity in Action" offers both theoretical and policy-oriented
      perspectives on local management of ethnically heterogenous communities
      throughout the Central-European region. The volume highlights challenges
      and problems faced by ethnic minorities in the areas of education, access to
      public services and media outlets, public participation at the local level,
      linguistic rights and other issues. Policy recommendations intended to
      sensitize public administration reform efforts to multi-ethnic issues are
      presented at the end of each chapter. The countries covered by the book
      are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and


      "As some people realize (and others not), the Central-Eastern
      European region represents a specific culture in itself: a mixture of
      post-communism and multi-ethnicity. The explosive nature of such
      a cultural heritage has become clear with the dissolution of former
      Yugoslavia. This excellent book considers democratic ways and
      forms of dealing with this threatening legacy. I would recommend it
      to scholars, policy-makers, teachers, civil servants and activists
      not only from countries of the region but also from the West."

      -Martin Potucek, President, Network of Institutions and Schools of
      Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee)

      "The editors of this compilation rightly assert that a systemic response is
      required in order to move forward the institutional transition towards
      deep-rooted and self-sustaining democracies in Central and Eastern Europe.
      Reform of the professional and social culture of public administration is
      key, especially at the local level.

      With particular emphasis on issues of cultural diversity, this book provides
      an overview of contemporary European understandings of diversity, including
      international standards, together with analysis of country situations which
      will inform and shape the reader. This book should be widely circulated
      among and carefully studied by public administrative authorities and civil
      servants throughout Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. While
      constitutional and judicial guarantees may offer ultimate protection for
      individuals within the jurisdiction of the state, the practical reality is
      that both rights and general respect is in the first place accorded (or not)
      by public administration at the local level where the lives of ordinary
      persons are affected - for better or worse - everyday. Good public
      administration, delivered through professional and respectful civil
      servants, is thus of critical importance. This book is a helpful tool for
      interested authorities and concerned individuals in achieving this end."

      -John Packer, Director, Office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National



      Anna-Mária Biró and Petra Kovács
      Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of Multi-ethnic Communities

      PART ONE


      George Schöpflin
      Minorities and Democracy

      Tony Verheijen
      Public Administration Reform: A Mixed Picture

      Patrick Thornberry
      An Unfinished Story of Minority Rights

      Appendix A
      Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

      Appendix B
      Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National, Ethnic,
      Religious or Linguistic Minorities

      Appendix C
      Lund Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National
      Minorities in Public Life

      PART TWO


      Elena Gyurova
      Emerging Multi-ethnic Policies in Bulgaria: A Central-Local Perspective

      Laura Laubeova
      The Fiction of Ethnic Homogeneity: Minorities in the Czech Republic

      Jenõ Kaltenbach
      From Paper to Practice: The Protection and Involvement of Minorities in

      Piotr Bajda, Magdalena Syposz and Dariusz Wojakowski
      Equality in Law, Equality in Fact: Minority Law and Practice in Poland

      Jan Bucek
      Responding to Diversity: Solutions at the Local Level in Slovakia

      István Horváth and Alexandra Scacco
      From the Unitary to the Pluralistic: Fine-Tuning Minority Policy in Romania

      Viktor Stepanenko
      A State to Build, A Nation to Form: Ethno-Policy in the Ukraine


      The book will be distributed primarily to schools of public administration,
      local governments, NGOs, and international organizations focusing on
      multi-ethnic polices.

      If you would like to receive a copy of this volume, please send a
      message to kovacsp@.... In the subject heading, please write "order
      diversity in action". Please indicate your mailing address (name,
      institution, address, city, state, zip code) in the body of your message.

      Petra Kovacs
      LGI Managing Multiethnic Communities Project
      Hungary 1051
      Budapest Nador u. 11
      email: kovacsp@...
      Tel: (361) 327.31.04 /ext 2316
      Fax: (361) 327.31.05

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