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CfP: Balkan Language Conference, 7-9.7.2001, Leiden

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  • Florian Bieber
    From: Wayles Browne CALL FOR PAPERS CONFERENCE ON THE BALKAN SPRACHBUND PROPERTIES within the framework of the Spinoza Project,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2001
      From: Wayles Browne <ewb2@...>


      within the framework of the Spinoza Project, http://www.let.leidenuniv.nl/spls
      June 7-9 2001, University of Leiden, the Netherlands

      Invited speakers: Zeljko Boskovic, Wayles Browne, Victor Friedman, Jouko
      Lindstedt, Virginia Motaparnyane Hill, Marisa Rivero, Arhonto Terzi,
      Zuzanna Topolinska

      The Balkan languages share sets of typological properties which have
      contributed to the shaping of a uniform areal typological profile, referred
      to as
      ³Balkan language union² or ³Balkan Sprachbund². A typological language
      property is assumed to be areal if (a) shared by at least three languages
      of the
      area, at least two of which belong to different genetic families, but (b) not
      present in all the languages of the genetic family to which the language of the
      area belongs (if it belongs to a language family, at all). Since the
      amount, the
      extent and the limit of areal typological properties necessary for granting
      membership into the Balkan Sprachbund, has not and cannot be assessed
      independently, linguistic discussion on Balkan Sprachbund membership has
      centered around specific properties.
      Different analyses single out different arrays of Balkan Sprachbund
      properties, though most of them agree on one phonological property ­ the
      presence of the schwa phoneme ­ and six grammatical properties: (1)
      substitution of the synthetic declension markers by analytic ones; (2)
      grammaticalization of the category of definiteness through postpositive
      definite articles; (3) pronominal doubling of objects; (4) analytic
      expression of
      futurity; (5) analytic Perfect with an auxiliary verb corresponding to _have_;
      (6) loss of the infinitive and its substitution by subjunctive clauses. Two
      Balkan Slavic languages ­ Macedonian and Bulgarian, two Balkan Romance
      languages ­ Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian, as well as Albanian have been
      said to qualify for full membership; Romanian, Modern Greek, Balkan
      Romani and a group of Serbo-Croatian, or rather Serbian dialects ­ the Torlak
      ones ­ have been treated as peripheral members; Standard Serbo-Croatian has
      been very marginally included; while Turkish has been treated as a ³donor²

      Papers within any framework on any Balkan Sprachbund property, involving
      any of the Balkan languages, as well as languages outside the Balkans which
      exhibit areal properties encountered on the Balkans (e.g. the languages of the
      Caucasus or the Volga area) invited. Papers dealing with more than one
      language are strongly preferred.

      Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words as attachments to an e-mail
      message to o.tomic@.... Deadline March 15. Notification of
      acceptance by May 1.
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