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CfP: Religion and Power Relations in Central and Eastern Europe, Iaşi, 19-21 April 2012

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  • Daniela Kalkandjieva
    *ISORECEA *in cooperation with *“Petre Andrei” University of Iaşi* *CALL FOR PAPERS* * * 10th ISORECEA conference *RELIGION AND POWER RELATIONS IN CENTRAL
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      *ISORECEA *in cooperation with *“Petre Andrei” University of Iaşi*


      * *

      10th ISORECEA conference


      Iaşi, Romania, April 19-21, 2012

      Religious changes in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have been studied
      extensively during the past twenty years from different points of view, such
      as: the revitalization of religion, new social and political roles of
      religion, the position of different religions in society, (re)secularization
      as a part of modernization, and the Europeanization process of former
      communist societies, religions and values, etc. However, there is a
      challenge to rethink religious changes in connection with the concept of
      power, which has been increasingly employed as an explorative concept in the
      social sciences. The role of religion in individual life or, more
      importantly, the meaning and use of religion by individuals is difficult to
      understand without relation to the concept of power. Religion can also
      inspire social processes, but the modern social arena is crowded with
      different agents, different positions, interests and strategies of acting,
      and the different networks inside which they operate. Some fundamental
      questions are: “What are the positions of different religious communities
      within modern social arenas?”, “How do various social and political powers
      (mis)use religions?”, and “How do religions mis(use) their power?”.

      The Conference organizers invite you to address such questions and propose
      your paper in line with the Conference title, particularly in relation to *the
      following subthemes*:

      - Religion and empowerment

      - Religion and power: institutional vs. individual perspectives

      - Power in relation to majority and minority religions

      - Religion, power, and gender

      - Religion, power and well-being

      - Democratization, the restructuring of power, and religiosity in CEE

      - Religion and secular power

      - Religious practice among different confessional traditions

      - State control and religions in CEE

      Please submit a *250-300 words abstract* of your presentation to the
      e-mail: isorecea2012@... *by November 15, 2011*. If you are
      interested in another topics related to the study of religion in CEE,
      we encourage you to organize a session/panel. In this case, please
      submit a *200-300 words proposal* to the same email address.

      * *

      * *

      *Key dates*

      Submission of proposals – November 15, 2011

      Notification of acceptance – December 15, 2011

      Registration for the conference – January 15, 2012

      Final programme – February 15, 2012


      Please, note that in order to present a paper you need to be a member of
      ISORECEA for the years *2012-2013*. The amount of membership fees for two
      years and conference fees is as follows (in EURO):

      *List of Countries* <http://www.isa-sociology.org/table_c.htm>*

      A <http://www.isa-sociology.org/table_c.htm>

      B <http://www.isa-sociology.org/table_c.htm>

      C <http://www.isa-sociology.org/table_c.htm>

      Membership fee




      Conference fee

      (including membership fee)


      (of which 60 is the membership fee)


      (of which 40 is the membership fee)


      (of which 20 is the membership fee)

      Conference fee

      for non-members**




      Conference fee

      (including membership fee for students and unemployed)


      (of which 20 is the membership fee)


      (of which 12 is the membership fee)


      (of which 8 is the membership fee)

      Conference fee

      for non-members students and unemployed**





      50% (each category)

      Conference fee paid on the spot

      25% higher (each category)

      * This is according to the Table of Economies used by the International
      Sociological Association:

      ** This refers to those who do not present a paper.

      Those ISORECEA members who are willing to present a paper at the
      Iaşiconference and have their membership fee paid for 2011-2012 will
      need to pay
      half of the listed membership amounts, in order to have their membership fee
      paid also for 2013.

      Payment details (account number, etc.) as well as the information about
      accommodation and conference venue will be given in the second half of
      December. In case of any earlier questions, please send a message to:
      isorecea2012@.... For any further information about ISORECEA please
      visit the website: http://www.isorecea.net/ or contact Dorota Hall, General
      Secretary: dhall@....

      ISORECEA President
      of the Local Committee

      Siniša Zrinščak
      Sebastian Nastuta

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