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9631File - Managing your subscription and contributing to BAN

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  • balkans@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1, 2010
      Dear subscribers,

      just a short reminder regarding the use of Balkan Academic News.

      Sending Messages
      We very much encourage you to participate in Balkan Academic News by submitting annoucements of news books or other publications, calls for papers, conference announcements and other information relevant to the topic of the list.
      If you want to send a message to Balkan Academic News, send the message to balkans@yahoogroups.com as an ordinary email (not HTML formated) and WITHOUT Attachments. All Attachments are automatically deleted and it is policy of Balkan Academic News not to distribute attachments both to minimize the size of messages and prevent the distribution of viruses. If you send an attachment your message will not be distributed.
      Note that the list only accepts messages sent from emails which are subscribed (this is a precaution against spam). Thus make sure to send the messages from the same email account as the one with which you are subscribed. If this is not possible, send the message to balkans@....
      Make sure to include the subject line in the style in use with Balkan Academic News, starting with


      Conference: Title, Place, Time (use only if this is just an announcement and not a call for applications or papers, otherwise use below)
      CfA: Title, Place, Time (Call for Application)
      CfP: Title, Place, TIme (Call for Papers)
      Job: Title, Organization
      New Link: Name
      New Publication: Title
      New Report: Name

      Replying vs. Responding to Messages
      Please NEVER just reply to a message if you want to answer to the original author, apply for a job announced etc, as in most cases the messages are sent from the BAN account balkans@yahoogroups.com. I receive nearly daily replies to messages, including CV etc. Please be careful to address your messages to the contact information given in the message rather than just hitting the reply button.

      Managing your subscription
      If you would like to change your subscription, such as not to receive message for a while (i.e. during the holidays) or just receive daily digests, please change your subscription by going to the homepage of Balkan Academic News (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/balkans/) log in (top right: sign in) to Balkan Academic News. If you have no password and username for Balkan Academic News or any other Yahoo Group, then just register (make sure to enter the email address you are subscribed with) and then sign in. Afterwards, click on "Edit my Membership" on the top right corner. Although this sounds relatively complicated, it is easy once you have done it once and allows you to manage your subscription. Please contact me only if you have problems with this, as it is impossible timewise to manage every request for changing a subscription.
      In case you would like to receive the messages at a different email address, please unsubscribe from the current address and re-subscribe from the new address. By the sending blank emails to the address mention in the footer of every message.

      Please make sure to follow these guidelines as closely as possible, as not doing so increases the workload for managing the list and delays the distribution of messages.

      As the list keeps growing, it is increasingly important to stick to these simple rules to keep the list manage and useful for all.

      Best regards,

      Florian Bieber
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