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5754CfA: OSI/HESP/AFP - 2006-2007 Returning Scholars Fellowship Program

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  • Balazs Sebestyen
    Feb 16, 2006
      Open Society Institute
      International Higher Education Support Program
      Academic Fellowship Program

      Returning Scholars Fellowship Program

      The Returning Scholars Fellowship Program (RSFP) invites applications from talented scholars who seek university positions and academic careers in their home countries after studying abroad. The program is open to citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

      RSFP, a part of the Academic Fellowship Program (AFP), welcomes scholars from these countries who have received (or will receive by September 2006) an internationally competitive postgraduate degree in anthropology, area/cultural studies, gender studies, economics, history, political science, international relations, psychology, public administration, philosophy, social work, sociology, human rights & public law, or journalism/media studies. The program does not support scholars in philology, the visual and performing arts, or business.

      AFP fellows are placed in carefully selected university departments that are amenable to change and demonstrate a realistic and clear vision for future development. RSFP helps universities in the region retain promising young scholars, who are essential to the revitalization of departments and to the sustainability of higher education reforms. The program represents part of a conscious strategy to combat "brain drain" by offering financial, institutional and professional development support, as well as further opportunities as program alumni. Returning Scholars and partner departments also benefit from the presence of AFP-supported International Scholars, who provide expert mentorship in such areas as professional development, curriculum development and reform, research methods, and teaching/learning methodologies specific for their discipline.

      A list of current Academic Fellowship Program partner departments can be found on our website. The list is subject to change in the 2006-07 academic year, and applicants are advised to explore placement possibilities with their respective Region Manager or Country Coordinator.

      Fellowships include a monthly stipend and various allowances, in addition to the opportunity to participate in departmental and professional development projects.

      The Academic Fellowship Program (AFP) was launched by the Open Society Institute's Higher Education Support Program (HESP) in 2004. AFP builds on HESP's experience as core funder of the Civic Education Project (CEP) and augments some fellowship opportunities supported previously by CEP while also adopting new approaches for achieving lasting education reform.

      Applications deadline: March 20, 2006.
      Applications may be accepted after the deadline if fellowships remain unfilled. Fellowships begin in August or September 2006 and normally last one academic year, with the possibility of renewal.

      For applications and guidelines, please see our web site: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/hesp/focus/afp

      Academic Fellowship Program
      Higher Education Support Program
      Open Society Institute
      Nador utca 11, H-1051, Budapest, Hungary
      Tel: 36-1-235 6160; Fax: 36-1- 411 44 01
      Email: afp@...
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