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530[balkans] Electronic Newsletters on Southeastern Europe and the Stability Pact

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  • Florian Bieber
    Mar 1, 2000
      Currently there are at least four email reports on Southeastern Europe,
      especially from the prespective of the Stability Pact available by

      Stability Pact Watch (http://www.seein.org)
      To subscribe, send e-mail to csrd@... with the word "subscribe" in
      subject. The newletter is published by the South-East European Information
      Network in Skopije.

      SouthEast European Educational Cooperation Network
      If you want to get the Newsletter monthly or to exchange and announce your
      news, projects and contributions: please register your email in the section >
      MAILING LIST > GENERAL LIST on http://www.see-educoop.net or use the form:
      http://www.see-educoop.net/mailing/text/order1.htm Take the oportunity of
      your information acessible to educational experts in more than 25 countries.
      The project is facilitating the flow of information and establishing links
      between grass roots initiatives / NGOs, regional educational policy makers and
      European and International Institutions. Supported by the Austrian Ministry of
      Education and Cultural Affairs, the Austrian Ministry of Science and Transport
      and KulturKontakt Austria which are presently in charge of the coordination of
      the Task Force Education and Youth of the Enhanced Graz Process. In October
      1999, the Stability Pact decided that the Graz Process should be enhanced
      formally to lead the effort in education in Working Table 1, Democratisation
      and Human Rights.

      Balkan Economic Bulletin (http://epc-eu.com/balkan.htm)
      To Subscribe, send a blank message to: seerecon-subscribe@...
      The Balkan Economic Bulletin delivers independent information on
      theSouth-East-European region every week. EUROPEAN PROJECT CONSULTANTS
      this news from own experts in the Balkan countries. epcprovides consulting
      services for technical assistance, tendering,business contacts, distribution
      and outsourcing. See http://epc-eu.com/balkan.htm for more or contact us in
      Germany: phone+49 69 913343-0, fax -40)

      CEPS' Europa South-East Monitor (www.ceps.be)
      This is a series of monthly bulletins from CEPS’ Europa South-East policy
      forum. Issues contain analysis of the policies of the EU, the wider
      international community and the governments of the region, and updates of the
      work of CEPS and of the Europa South-East policy forum. Back issues and other
      information is available at http://www.ceps.be/Research/SEE/SEEHub.htm For a
      subscription contact: Europa South-East Monitor: Nicholas Whyte Centre for
      European Policy Studies Place du Congrès 1, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, CEPS
      phone: +32 2 229 3911, fax: +32 2 219 4151, email: explorers@...