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327[balkans] A Call for Papers for a Conference on Tolerance and Beyond: Religions, Rights and Civil Society in the OSCE Countries

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  • Florian Bieber
    Sep 1, 1999
      The Center for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University Announces
      A Call for Papers for a Conference on March 13, 14 and 15, 2000 in Berlin
      Tolerance and Beyond:
      Religions, Rights and Civil Society in the OSCE Countries

      Day I: International and Domestic Legislation and Institutions
      A) Recent Changes in International Law and Institutions
      B) Religion and European Institutions (OSCE, European Court of Human
      Rights, etc.)
      C) The Treatment of New Religions (Comparative Studies)
      D) Trends in Domestic Legislation (Case Studies)

      Day II: Civil Society
      A) Civil Society and National Patterns of Church-State Relations
      B) The Role of Religious Organizations and Their Relationships to Secular
      C) The Role of Domestic NGOs in Promoting Religion-Related Rights
      D) Civil Society, Religion and Identity--Ethnic, Religious, National
      E) Civil Society, Ethical Systems and Problems of Transitional
      Justice (ie, Lustration;
      Opening of Public Security Files, Trials of Communist-Era
      Officials, Nonlegal
      Approaches to Social Dialogue and Reconciliation, etc.)

      Day III: Education for Tolerance and Beyond: Primary, Secondary and Higher
      Proposals for workshops as well as papers and reports are welcome. We hope
      to have a screening of relevant documentary films: to propose a film,
      please send a detailed synopsis of the content and include the running
      A) Education for Tolerance and Multicultural Societies in Transition
      (political tolerance will also be included here, in the sense of attitudes
      towards former communist leaders and elites and the problem of
      B) Education and Civil Society Initiatives
      C) Education and Religion
      D) Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, Xenophobia and the Challenge for Educators
      E) New Technology: Dangers and Opportunities (especially in regards to the
      preceding topic)
      F) Education, History and Ethnoreligious Conflict
      G) International Collaborative Initiatives in Education in Tolerance and

      The language of the conference will be English.

      Persons interested in presenting papers at the conference should submit
      abstracts of about 500 words by November 31, 1999, to:

      Dr. Elizabeth Cole, Research Director
      Center for the Study of Human Rights
      Columbia University
      1108 IAB, 420 W. 118th Street
      New York, NY 10027
      TEL. 212-854-7189; FAX: 212-854-6785; e-mail: eac30@...
      Results will be announced in mid-December.