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2516CfP: New Journal Insaniyyat (Humanities)

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  • Florian Bieber
    Dec 1, 2002
      Dear all,
      A group of graduate students of anthropology/sociology at the American
      University in Cairo www.aucegypt.edu have initiated a newsletter we
      thought of calling Insaniyyat (Humanities). Below is the first call for
      papers to
      be published in the first issue.

      If you or a collegue are interested to participate or have any inquiries,
      please feel free to use the newsletter email attention of Ms. Marketa, or
      e-mail me

      Thank you and kind regards,

      Dalia A. Mostafa


      Insaniyat (Humanities), a graduate students on-line periodical based at
      the American University in Cairo, Sociology and Anthropology Department, seeks
      submissions for its January, 2003 issue. The aim of the journal is to
      provide a site for discussion and intellectual exchange among graduate
      students and scholars from various social sciences backgrounds in the
      Middle East on wide range of topics.

      As such the journal is interdisciplinary in orientation (in its inclusion
      of all humanities
      and social sciences) and international in scope.

      Questions we would like to consider focus on the War on Terrorism and
      its impact and effects, such as: what constitutes terrorism; the impact of War
      on Terrorism on the agenda of development and NGOs; the relationship
      between North and South; the role of media in the War on Terrorism; the oil
      politics in the Middle East; revitalization of social and religious
      movements in
      connection of War on Terrorism; the question of Arab nationalism and /or
      unity; what does sovereignty of a state mean in contemporary unipolar
      world; the issue of identity of Arab-Americans; etc.

      Scholars and particularly graduate students from all the disciplines in
      social sciences are encouraged and welcomed to submit papers and/or
      commentaries on the given subject. The journal accepts submission in both
      forms: hard copies and email attachments. Hard copy manuscripts should be
      typed, double spaced and sent to: Insanyat, Sociology/Anthropology
      Department, American University in Cairo, 113 Kasr El Aini Street, P.O.
      Box 2511, Cairo 11511, Egypt.

      Email attachments should be forwarded to:
      insanyat@.... Submissions will not be returned to the sender.
      Contributions and submissions addressing topics beyond those above are
      welcome as well, however, the deadline for the contributions to appear in
      the January 2003 issue is: January 10, 2003 and are not to exceed 3000