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  • Florian Bieber
    Jun 7, 1999
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      We welcome the following new and old members to Balkan Academic News:

      Inan Ruma, born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1974. Graduated from
      Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University,
      Ankara. Currently working as a research assistant in the same Department,
      on MA thesis "Stability Tendencies in (SouthEastern) Europe and the Case
      of Macedonia". Served as OSCE Polling Supervisor and Advanced Polling
      Supervisor respectively in Croatia for the "Out of Country Voting" for
      Parliamentary Elections in RS (November 1997) and in BiH for the General
      Elections (September 1998). Major areas of Interest: Balkans, Economic and
      Political Transition in East-Central Europe, Football and Identity,
      Refugees in International Relations, Theories of International Relations.

      David Fisher was born in San Bernardino, California in 1943, and spent
      his childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. He received the BA in history from
      Carleton College, Northfield, MN, and an MA in religion and drama from
      Columbia University. After two years in Rochdale, Lancs., UK on an
      international work-study programme, he returned to the US and completed
      the Ph.D. in philosophical theology at Vanderbilt University in
      Nashville, TN. He has taught at college departments of religion and
      philosophy at Kalamazoo College, Blackburn College, George Williams
      College, Santa Clara University, Bowling Green State University, and
      North Central Coillege where he is currently Professor of Philosophy and
      Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Coordinator of the History of
      Ideas Programme (an Honors, interdisicplinary sequence of courses in
      Western intellectual history and culture). His primary teaching include
      ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of law, and contemporary Continental
      He first became interested in developments in the South Balkans through
      personal ties with a Macedonian family, and has since developed
      researchinterests in the ways historical, social, political, and religious
      forces contribute to the establishment of normatve identity in
      contemporary Balkan societies. His wife, Dr. Sarah Fowler (Ph.D. in
      aesthetics, Temple University) is currently learning Macedonian in
      preparation for their joint visit to Skopje for a conference this

      Stefan Krause. I'm working in Skopje as a political analyst for the
      International Crisis Group, a private, international organization
      specializing in analysis and advocacy (http://www.crisisweb.org).
      Previously,I worked
      as an elections expert for the OSCE, and from 1994 to 1997 as the
      research analyst for Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece at the Open
      Media Research Institute (OMRI) in Prague. I hold a Master's degree
      in East and Southeast European History and Balkan Studies from
      Berlin's Free University and am currently working on a Ph.D. on
      political symbols in independent Bulgaria.

      Inger Skjelsb├Žk.I am a researcher at the International Peace Research
      Institute, Oslo (PRIO). My acadmeic training is in social psychology and I
      am currently conducting a doctoral study on the long-term effects of the
      use of
      sexual violence in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovnia.

      I am Natassja Smiljanic, 28 and I live in London. My parents are originally
      from Croatia. I am involved in human rights activism and am studying for my
      doctorate in Human Rights law and women, with a study of sexual violence in
      war. I have visited Croatia before the break up of Yugoslavia and also
      Belgrade where I have made many friends who work in similar areas to mine. I
      look forward to making further connections with friends in the Balkans and
      particularly envisage much participation in academic and human rights

      George Birsic. Student, International Relations, University of Zagreb,

      Thijs Balder, I'm a 23 y.o. student from Amsterdam, but at the moment I
      study editorial-design in Utrecht.

      And an addition to last week's introduction:

      Maria Koinova
      I am working for the Greek Helsinki Monitor on a research project on
      minorities in Bulgaria and Macedonia, which is also sponsored by the
      Institute on Southeastern Europe in Budapest and the "Paul Valery"
      University in Montpelier.
      Florian Bieber

      Balkan Academic News
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