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  • Florian Bieber
    May 31 12:52 PM
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      Welcome to Balkans Academic News:
      Please submit your introduction, if you haven't done so far.

      Patrick Moore was born in Detroit, USA in 1951 and studied East European
      history at the University of Michigan, Univerzitet u Sarajevu and Indiana
      University (under Charles and Barbara Jelavich). He has been writing on
      Balkan affairs for Radio Free Europe since 1977, first in Munich and now in
      Prague. Moore currently edits the RFE/RL weekly newsletter "Balkan
      Report" and writes items on the former Yugoslavia and on Albania for the
      RFE/RL daily newsletter "Newsline." He is also deputy director of RFE/RL's
      Communications Division.

      Maria KOINOVA (Bulgaria) holds an M.A. in Southeast European
      Studies at the Central European University in Budapest (1998) and
      an M.A. in German Studies at the St. Climent of Ohrid University of
      Sofia (1995). She specialized in Bulgarian domestic political and
      social analysis and East-West relations in Germany while being an
      intern at the Open Media Research Institute in Prague (1996-7). At
      that time she contributed regularly to the "Transition" Magazine, the
      Daily Digest and the "Pursuing Balkan Peace" weekly. She was a
      media coordinator and assistant to the press office at the Open
      Society (Soros) Foundation in Sofia (1994-6). She won short-term
      sholarships from the European Journalism Network for participation
      in a two-months journalistic program in Munich (1997) and a
      PHARE/TACIS stipend for a seminar on "Building Democracy in
      Mass Media" in Greece (1995). She has published several articles
      in the "Transitions" magazine concerning freedom of speech and
      minority integration policies.

      Nicola Nixon, born UK, grew up in Melbourne, Australia, as
      often as possible she spends time in Denmark where her
      parents live. In 1994 she worked for a short time with
      refugee children in Serbia and developed a strong interest
      in the region. She recently started researching her PhD
      dissertation at Melbourne University and is looking at
      psychoanalytic theories of nationalism and ideology, which
      attempts to understand the elements of unconscious fantasy
      on which nationalist identifications rely. In particular
      (at this point) she is studying the work of Slavoj Zizek and
      Renata Salecl. Her current work includes an examination of
      the narcissisim inherent in many western media depictions of
      the Balkans.
      Florian Bieber
      Alsoerdosor utca 3
      H-1076 Budapest


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