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2230CfP: Ethnocentrism, Minority Rights and Civil Society in the Balkans

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  • Lynne Christine Alice
    Aug 5, 2002
      You are invited to contribute to the following proposed collection
      (and would you please circulate this notice to any
      interested colleagues and students).

      Ethnocentrism, Minority Rights and Civil Society in the Balkans

      The collection will offer social science approaches to understanding
      the connections and inter-relationships between ethnocentrism, minority
      rights and the objective of building an "open" or "civil" society in the
      Balkans. Issues of 'identity, 'cultural differences', 'gender' and
      'community will be analysed from historical and sociological perspectives to
      facilitate an understanding of the problems facing Balkan peoples as they
      engage in social reconstruction. The role of the relevant international
      peace-keeping objectives of the United nations, UNHCR, the OSCE, the
      European Union and the World Bank, in building a multi-ethnic civil society
      will be considered.

      So far accepted chapters include:
      Ismail Hasani: Title tba - Albanian culture, religion and nationalism
      Fadil Maloku: Title tba - multi-ethnic conflict and resolution
      Azra Hromadzic and Arancha Garcia:³War Rapes and Female Voices:
      from individual suffering to collective activism²
      Venetia Evergeti: Muslim minorities of Western Thrace in the Northern parts
      of Greece; social processes of ethnic identity formation within minority
      Lynne Christine Alice; Hatred and the politics of nation-building
      Lynne Star: Title tba, Contemporary Balkan film-making and reconstruction of
      civil society.

      It is intended that there will be a fully funded seminar to present and
      discuss the chapters sometime in the 2003-04 academic year, in Bulgaria.

      Offers of papers would be directed to :
      Prof Dr Ismail Hasani and Prof Dr Lynne Alice at lynnealice@...