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  • Florian Bieber
    May 29, 2002
      1. Rethinking History
      2. WeltTrends
      3. Human Rights Review
      4. Europe-Asia Studies

      Rethinking History, Volume 6 Number 1/April 01, 2002

      On Memory, Identity and War       p. 1
      Patrick Finney   
      'My War is not Your War': the Bulgarian Debate on the Great War 'The experienced war' and Bulgarian modernization in the inter-war years          p. 15
      Snezhana Dimitrova       
      Treznea: Trauma, nationalism and the memory of World War II in Romania    p. 35
      Maria Bucur      
      Markers of Turkish Cypriot History in the Diaspora: Power, visibility and identity        p. 57
      Nergis Canefe    
      The Violence of Memories: Local narratives of the past after ethnic cleansing in Croatia          p. 77
      Stef Jansen      
      Nationalist Mobilization and Stories of Serb Suffering: The Kosovo myth from 600th anniversary to the present     p. 95
      Florian Bieber   

      WeltTrends, Heft 34

      Sabrina P. Ramet/Philip W. Lyon
      Das Dreieck Serbien-Montenegro-Kosovo: Zwietracht und Verweigerung 132

      Sabrina P.Ramet,Philip W.Lyon:Serbia-Montenegro-Kosovo-A
      Triangle of Discord and Denial
      (WeltTrends 34,Spring 2002,pp.132-154)
      Following Yugoslavia ’s anti-Milosevic „revolution “,optimists
      expected that the new government in Belgrade will be quickly
      established as a liberal-democratic state. But the political system
      remains dysfunctional.The political debate about the co- operation
      with the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
      (in The Hague)is controversial.Meanwhile,separatist questions in
      Montenegro and Kosovo remain unresolved,while autonomist tendencies
      in Vojvodina and in the Sandzak continue to grow.The West has
      withdrawn its support for Montenegro and encouraged hopes in Serbia
      that Kosovo will be gradually reintegrated into Yu- goslavia.But the
      Albanians of Kosovo are unanimous in calling for full independence.
      These elements add up to a picture in which the policy of the West
      seems ill-suited for its genuinelong-term objectives.
      Keywords:The Balkans,Serbia,Kosovo,Montenegro,Political System

      Human Rights Review, Volume 3, Number 1, October-December 2001 is devoted to symposium on Human Rights in Turkey. Guest editors are Nicole Watts and Resat Kasaba
      The journal can accesed at

      Europe-Asia Studies, Volume 54 Number 3/May 01, 2002

      Elite (Re)configuration and Politico-economic Performance in Post-socialist Countries p. 435 Frane Adam, Matevž Tomši&ccaron

      Comparative Development of Post-communist Civil Societies p. 455 Andrew T. Green
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