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175[balkans] FYI: Dissertation on Kosova

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  • Florian Bieber
    May 2, 1999
      >Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 14:13:59 +0000
      >Reply-To: An H-Net List for the Society for the Anthropology of Europe

      I don't know, but I thought this might be interesting to somebody.
      please pass this on to anyone who might be looking for background info.
      Otherwise, it's just gathering dust...

      Gene Hammel <gene@...>
      A Ph.D. dissertation is available which provides a cultural profile of
      the Kosovo Albanians: "The Past as Refuge: Gender, Migration and
      Ideology Among the Kosova Albanians" by Janet Reineck. University of
      California, Berkeley - 1991.

      To order, contact UMI Dissertation Services:
      Order No. 9228829
      $29.50 for unbound copy

      or contact:
      Janet Reineck

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