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  • Florian Bieber
    Nov 19, 2001
      1. Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans
      2. Fruehneuzeit-Info
      3. Strategic Review
      4. Cahiers de Chaillot
      Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (Volume 3, Number 2, November 2001)

      Editorial 109 - 110

      A comparison of Catalan and 'Padanian' nationalism: more similarities than
      differences? 111 - 130
      Benito Giordano; Elisa Roller

      Multiculturalism as a prelude to state fragmentation: the case of
      Yugoslavia 131 - 143
      Aleksandar Pavkovic

      Macedonia at the crossroads 145 - 151
      Spyros Sofos

      Bulgaria's Macedonian dilemma 153 - 170
      Symeon A. Giannakos

      Albania's relations with the EU: on the road to Europe? 171 - 192
      Ailish M. Johnson

      Post-communist societies: between ethnicity and globalization 193 - 196
      Daniele Conversi

      The Balkans: explaining the present through history 197 - 199
      Stefan Troebst

      Book Reviews 201 - 218

      Fruehneuzeit-Info 12 (2001) Heft 1 (Offenes Heft)
      Herausgegeben vom Institut fuer die Erforschung der Fruehen Neuzeit
      ISSN 0940-4007

      Sprache und soziale Identitaet im fruehneuzeitlichen Binnenkroatien

      Die Zeitschrift erhalten Mitglieder des Vereins Institut fuer die Erforschung
      der Fruehen Neuzeit (i.e.f.n), Pfeilgasse 29/4, A-1080 Wien, zweimal
      Fuer Informationen bezueglich einer Mitgliedschaft beim Verein wenden Sie
      sich an Susanne Claudine Pils (email: pil@...)

      From: Seda SERDAR <sserdar@...>

      Dear Madam/Sir,
      We are sending this mail to you on the behalf of Center for Eurasian
      Strategic Studies (ASAM). Via the link stated in the e-mail, you can access
      the "Strategic Review", a new monthly bulletin, of ASAM (Center for
      Eurasian Strategic Studies).
      ASAM is an Ankara based think tank that was founded in 1999. The Center has
      nine regional and six functional departments. The regional departments are
      composed of Middle Eastern Studies, Russian-Ukrainian Studies, Balkan
      Studies, Caucasian Studies, Central Asian Studies, European Studies,
      American Studies, Far East/Asia-Pacific Studies and Turkish Studies. The
      functional departments are organized as follows: Geopolitical and
      Strategic, Environment, Energy and Technology, World Economy, International
      Business Administration and Strategic Management, Terrorism and Conflict
      and Information Engineering Studies.
      The Strategic Review, will be published periodically on the website of ASAM
      and will only be available on the Internet displaying the official views of
      our Center concerning the specified areas. In these periodicals, our
      experts will examine current issues in which information and analysis will
      be presented. Visitors will be able to benefit from this service cost-free.

      September 2001
      No 3 Contents
      These articles are viewed in PDF format. You can download the Acrobat
      Reader from the below provided link. BALKAN STUDIES
      The Sanjak Issue from Past to Present
      Turkestan Re-union
      The Drugs Problem in Afghanistan and Its Affects on the Region
      A Cause of Conflict in EU-U.S. Relations: General Electric's Honeywell
      US-China Relations in the Aftermath of Spy Plane Crisis: A Struggle for
      Dominance in the Asia-Pacific
      Syria in the Jaws of Globalization
      The Main Obstacle in the US-Russia Relations: The National Missile Defense
      System (NMDS)
      Iraqi Turkomans: A lost tribe


      Nous vous signalons la parution du n� 50 des Cahiers de Chaillot publi� par l'Institut d'Etudes de S�curit� de l'Union de l'Europe occidentale dont le titre est : Quel statut pour le Kosovo ?



      Introduction : Dimitrios Triantaphyllou

      Dana H. Allin, Des cons�quences impr�vues : la gestion de l�ind�pendance du Kosovo

      Franz-Lothar Altmann, Le statut du Kosovo

      Marta Dass�, Etat et souverainet� : dynamiques r�gionale et interne de l�avenir du

      Tim Judah, Le Kosovo et son statut

      Jacques Rupnik, L�apr�s-guerre dans les Balkans et la question du Kosovo

      Thanos Veremis, Le Kosovo : une question fluctuante

      Conclusion : L�ind�pendance du Kosovo et la stabilit� r�gionale ne sont pas incompatibles
      par Dimitrios Triantaphyllou

      Texte t�l�chargeable sous le format PDF � l'adresse suivante :

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