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10624CfP: 4th Central and Eastern European Forum for Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists, Celje, Slovenia, 23-24 March 2012

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  • Rory Archer
    Sep 28, 2011
      CfP: 4th Central and Eastern European Forum for Young Legal, Political,
      and Social Theorists, Celje (Slovenia), 23.-24.03.2012


      4th Central and Eastern European Forum for Young Legal, Social and
      Political Theorists
      "Reconsidering Democracy: (New) Theories, Policies and Social Practices"
      Celje, 23�"24 March 2012

      In 2012 the CEE Forum for Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists is
      moving to Slovenia! It will be held from Friday, 23 March to Saturday,
      24 March at the International School for Social and Business Studies in
      Celje (http://mfdps.si/en).

      The CEE Forum is a platform for young legal, political and social
      theorists who come from, currently study or work in Central and Eastern
      Europe or have a research interest in the region. The regional
      boundaries are understood widely. The target audiences of the conference
      are young researchers: doctoral students or post-docs, but there is no
      specific age limit.

      The fourth CEE Forum will put its special emphasis on recent critiques
      of contemporary democracy and the rule of law. Current discourses in
      social sciences as well as in civil society almost daily produce new
      ideas, suggestions and demands on how to significantly alter the
      political and legal reality of our societies. The exceptional importance
      of these questions for our common future has long and clearly surpassed
      national borders and produced an international discourse. Many
      distinguished authors like Immanuel Wallerstein, Noam Chomsky, Jürgen
      Habermas, Stéphane Hessel, Antonio Negri, Igor Štiks or Srečko Horvat
      have spoken publicly on these pressing issues. They propose the increase
      of elements of direct democracy in the political process and significant
      political empowerment of the civil society and each individual.

      It thus seems appropriate to discuss these and related problems within
      the Fourth Central and Eastern European Forum. We are expecting
      contributions to the following two major general panels: (1)
      "Reconsidering Democracy: (New) Theories, Policies and Social
      Practices", and (2) "Towards the Rule of Law �" Regresses and
      Necessities". Even though these two general themes are broad enough to
      meet diverse interests of the Forum’s participants, the organizers will
      also convene an (3) "Open panel" for papers that target other
      interesting topics from the vast area of legal, political and social

      The conference language is English. An up to 500 words abstract,
      indicating the preferable general panel, should be submitted in the
      available application form (http://www.cee-forum.org/forum_2012_celje)
      by 15 December 2011 to international@.... Acceptance of the papers
      will be communicated by 15 January 2012. Participation without
      presentation is possible as well (no deadline for application, but
      please use the application form as well).

      The conference fee for all participants is 50,- Euros and it covers
      conference material, three meals, and coffee and snacks during the
      breaks. Payment instructions will be communicated by January 2011.
      Participants shall make arrangements and pay for their accommodation
      individually. In addition to offering some options for lodging at the
      conference website, the organizers will try to negotiate some subsidized
      prices for the conference participants. For all the updated information,
      visit the conference website:

      Selected papers will be published in the “Central and Eastern European
      Forum for Legal, Political, and Social Theory Yearbook”.

      We are happy and eager to host you in Celje in early spring of 2012!

      Doc. dr. Srečko Natek, Dean
      International School for Social and Business Studies

      Doc. dr. Andraž Teršek
      President of the Organizing Committee

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Michael Hein


      Michael Hein, M.A.
      - Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter -
      Universität Greifswald
      Institut für Politik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft
      Lehrstuhl für Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte
      Baderstraße 4/5, Raum 2.02
      17487 Greifswald
      Tel.: (0 38 34) 86 31 55
      Fax : (0 38 34) 86 31 53