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Greece: “The Jew if you wash him, your soap you will ruin” - Anti-Semitism of candidate supported by government and Archbishop

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      23 July 2006

      "The Jew if you wash him, your soap you will ruin" - Anti-Semitism of
      extreme right Athens municipal candidate with New Democracy's Nikitas
      Kaklamanis blessed by Archbishop Christodoulos!

      Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) calls upon Athens Mayoral candidate Nikitas
      Kaklamanis to exclude Thanassis Mylonopoulos from his ballot. Mr.
      Mylonopoulos, in the 23 July 2006 issue of the weekly newspaper "Alpha Ena"
      he is the director of, and in his personal page 3, published the crude
      anti-Semitic text: "The Jew if you wash him, your soap you will ruin. If we
      give them a little more time they'll break Hitler's record, in numbers of
      victims we mean. In brutality they've surpassed him." The cover page of the
      same issue carried the headline "Jews in the role of the SS."

      GHM also calls upon Archbishop Christodoulos, who on 15 June 2006,
      "blessed" Thanassis Mylonopoulos along with three other extreme right LAOS
      party candidates for the Super-Prefecture of Athens-Piraeus and the
      Municipality of Athens, to publicly condemn the comments of the recipient
      of his blessings. Their meeting was not announced by the Archdiocese but
      was published in "Alpha Ena" on 17 June 2006, along with the announcement
      of his candidacy on the Athens ballot under Nikitas Kaklamanis. The
      adjacent column stressed the LAOS party's objections to the construction of
      a mosque in the Elaionas district of Athens. The article called upon the
      "local Metropolitans to lead the reactions that come as new 'Palaion Patron
      Germanoi'" [supposed to have led the inaugural meeting in Greece's
      liberation struggle against the Ottomans in 1821].

      At the same time, GHM calls upon Nikitas Kaklamanis as well as the New
      Democracy party leadership, who have accepted LAOS support to ND Mayoral
      and Prefectural candidacies, to distance themselves from the extreme right,
      xenophobic and racist LAOS party. GHM also calls upon the PASOK party
      leadership, who systematically strikes off its rolls members who do not
      support official PASOK party candidates, to ask those of its candidates,
      starting with Mayor of Kallithea Kostas Askounis, who have accepted LAOS
      party support, to disavow this support. Otherwise, these parties will be
      seen as fellow travellers with the LAOS party's extreme positions.

      Finally, GHM notes that yesterday's anti-Semitic diatribe by the official
      organ of LAOS comes as a continuation of the ongoing promotion on LAOS' TV
      "Teleasty" by press spokesman Adonis Georgiadis of the book "The Jews, the
      Entire Truth," written by Kostas Plevris, also a LAOS cadre. This book is
      not only a monument of anti-Semitism but also extols Hitler and Nazism
      while expressing its disappointment that the Holocaust did not succeed in
      exterminating the entire Jewish people.

      On the 32nd anniversary of the restoration of democracy, Nikitas
      Kaklamanis, Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, George Papandreou and
      Archbishop Christodoulos, are called upon to publicly condemn racism and
      those who propagandize it.
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