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Cancellation by Greece of "black lists" for Macedonian refugees as announced in Skopje

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  • MILS by way of Greek Helsinki Monitor
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      MILS NEWS Skopje, January 9, 2003


      Last Macedonians, with origin from Aegean Macedonia which after civil
      war in 1948 were banned to enter Greece, will be allowed freely to
      travel to this country. As "Utrinski Vesnik" writes, this is decision
      of deputy minister of foreign affairs of Greece, Andreas Loverdos,
      delivered on December 15 last year and announced yesterday in Press
      Office of Greece in Skopje.

      Greek representative Jorgos Kucumis yesterday announced that only
      condition to which Greece insists is those persons to possess new type
      of Macedonian passports without Slavic toponyms and unacceptable
      expressions for Greece for nationality and citizenship.

      According to "Utrinski Vesnik" Greek media speculate that this
      decision of the Greek Government will include around 40 people, now
      people at age of 65 which were on so-called "black lists". Some Greek
      newspapers evaluated that with this decision Greece wants to put an
      end to unpleasant chapter in the newer history. They point that this
      initiative started with decision of Greek Government for allowing
      Third meeting of children refugees to be held in Greece in August last

      "Utrinski Vesnik" writes that political party of Macedonians in
      Greece, "Rainbow" greeted these changes in the Greek policy. This
      party evaluates that this moves would be incomplete if no possibility
      is open for return of citizenship to expelled Macedonians and if
      problem with their confiscated properties is not open.
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