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Avghi: Terrorism and Nationalism in Greece [on an interview with A. Pollis, 10/8/02]

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    Avghi 10-8-2002 [translated by GHM from the original in Greek:] Terrorism and
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      [translated by GHM from the original in Greek:]

      Terrorism and Nationalism in Greece

      Adamantia Pollis, a professor of standing in the political science
      department at the New School for Social Research in New York, and known for
      her activities in the New American Left, made the following comments on New
      York's Greek radio station, Hellas FM:

      "Terrorism, as the word is used in the social sciences, refers to a state
      or non state element, which launches indiscriminate attacks, i.e. bombing a
      department store or an assembly, with the intention of killing a large
      number of people. November 17 always had specific targets, (…) it carried
      out terrorist acts but did not wield terrorism. It is important, I believe,
      to make the distinction between terrorism and terrorist acts aimed at
      murdering specific persons or bombing a certain place, but without the onus
      of mass murder that terrorism has.

      The legitimization of the national Hellenic state is based on nationality
      and this, I'm sure, has created problems for minorities. November 17 - and
      this is especially interesting - also supports a national Hellenic state,
      which means that it is nationalistic. Anyone reading its many proclamations
      can see that November 17 is not interested in international issues and, in
      actuality, that it is highly nationalistic. This comes also from their own
      dedication to a national Hellenic state."

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