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BAHL Update 8.11.12

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  • Billings Amateur Hockey League
    Hello From The BAHL Office! The ice is coming out of the arena today. This is certainly not how we would like to start our season. Attempts were made during
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2012

      Hello From The BAHL Office! 


      The ice is coming out of the arena today.  This is certainly not how we would like to start our season.  Attempts were made during the summer to locate a cooling tower to replace our ailing tower.  Cost for a new tower was more than our budget could handle.  As the off season progressed, many options were discussed regarding a used system, replacing just a portion of the system, etc. 


      In the end, all possible options and leads for used equipment were looked at and it was decided to order a new replacement coil for the interior of the system, instead of purchasing a completely new tower.  This was a savings of $11,000.  Based on information from the ammonia specialist working on our system, the old system would be okay for us to start the season and replace when the weather cools down.  Unfortunately this did not happen.  The tower leaks worsened almost immediately after starting up the compressors and continued to deteriorate.  These leaks were costing the arena $300-400 per day in additional ammonia usage and putting the air quality at risk around the facility with the potential of fines if we were reported for these leaks. 


      The replacement coil on order is delayed from the manufacturer.  The coil is estimated to arrive the first week of September, but a firm date will not be available for a couple of weeks.  We will have a large crew of employees and volunteers working around the clock to get the ice back in as soon as our tower is repaired.  If you are interested in helping with this task, please send me an email.




      BAHL updates and any communications for all members will be sent using last season and this season’s registrations until November when our season officially begins.  If you are not registered by November, you will no longer receive BAHL emails.  My apologies if you receive duplicate emails.




      Make sure to stop by the Billings Bulls booth at the Fair.  They will be there all week with information about the upcoming season.  Season ticket sales have also begun.  You can contact the Bulls office at 294-0406 for more information. 



      Tryouts will need to be rescheduled due to our mechanical issues.  A new schedule will be sent as soon as a firm “ice-in” date has been established.  If it appears that tryouts will not be scheduled in time to meet the MAHA commitment date, a parent meeting will be scheduled for all travel players to determine team commitments to MAHA for the season.


      Thank you!


      Thank you to our adult hockey league, Magic City Adult Hockey Association, and Todd Young for the new benches in our locker rooms and the new clothing hooks which will be installed during the next couple weeks.  These benches look great!




      Keep up to date with current happenings and both BAHL and arena news by becoming a fan of the BAHL’s Facebook page.  Search for Billings Amateur Hockey League to find us or click on the Facebook link on our website!


      Until next week!


      Chandra Picicci

      Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League

      Centennial Ice Arena




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