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BAHL Update

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  • Chandra Picicci
    Hello From The BAHL Office! The ice is looking good and is finally thick enough to drive the Zamboni on which makes the flooding process a lot easier.
    Message 1 of 92 , Jul 23, 2010

    Hello From The BAHL Office! 


    The ice is looking good and is finally thick enough to drive the Zamboni on which makes the flooding process a lot easier.  Unfortunately we are still having compressor issues that put the ice condition in jeopardy.  Our electrician and compressor specialist are working together to do what they can with our aging system.  Cross your fingers that the system holds for us through this hot weather.


    Thanks go out to Mike Murphree who donated many hours of his time to work on some of the electrical issues that the compressors were having.  This saved the league from having to pay an electrical specialist to complete the work. 


    Rink Status:

    1. Painting:  Complete (this was not a major painting season for us.  Next summer we plan to paint the entire building, including the support beams if money allows)
    2. Lockers:  cleaned and ready
    3. Coaches Lockers:  built, painted and almost complete
    4. Concession Stand:  cleaned and ready for business
    5. Board room:  not started
    6. Office end of the arena (girls locker, referee room, stairs, etc):  not started
    7. Entry ways:  started but not yet complete
    8. Public Restrooms:  started but not yet complete


    We are so close to being completely ready for our season!  A group of figure skating members will be in the arena on Saturday to tackle the board room and the girl’s locker room.  The remaining items will continue to be worked on this week but may still need volunteer help to complete.  If you come for registration and the free skate on Sunday, please try to lend a hand at whatever task is happening at the time.




    JULY 25th  AND AUGUST 1ST:  1:00 – 4:00 pm Registration at the arena.  Bring your completed registration packet to the arena, do some final cleaning and let your kid skate for free!  Please remember that all items on the checklist are needed to completely register your skater for this season.  50% of your player fees must be paid by August 1st with the remaining amount due November 1st.




    Would you like your fundraising fee waived?  The board has approved a sponsor program for our membership to participate in.  If you referee a business or group that purchases a BAHL sponsorship, your fundraising fee will be waived.  How does this work?  If you know of a business that you think would be interested in becoming a BAHL sponsor, send me their contact information.  I will meet with them to discuss the sponsor options.  If the business signs up and pays for a BAHL sponsorship, your player’s account will be credited the $100 fundraising fee.  Please email me the business name, contact person, phone number and address.  One credit per player is the limit.




    I have had many requests for the tryout and regular season schedule.  The coaches committee will be meeting shortly to finalize the tryout portion of the schedule and submit it to me.  The regular season schedule is very close to being ready for publication. 


    Drop-in:  the schedule that was sent out earlier this week for drop-in will be posted to the website shortly, as well as the public skate schedule for the next few weeks.  More drop-in sessions will be added to the schedule soon and will be posted to the website.


    Billings Motorcycle Club Hill Climb:


    We still need more volunteers to effectively serve the Billings Hill Climb fundraiser.  Please look at the below schedule and let me know what time you can help out:


    July 31st

    8:00 am – 12:00 pm: Austin & Lynn Heidemann

    10:00 am – 2:00 pm: 

    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm:


    August 1st:

    8:00 am – 12:00 pm:  Tina and Kelly Drain

    10:00 am – 2:00 pm:

    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm:


    Skills Sessions:


    Beginning the week of August 16th, there will be 4 weeks of skills sessions taught by our BAHL Coaches and available for all ages.  Two sessions per week are planned.  Right now all skaters will be attending the same sessions (split up on the ice into age division groups).  If we have enough skaters we will divide skaters into U12 and U18 groups and add additional sessions so each group will receive two sessions per week.  Cost:  $12.00 per session or all four weeks (two sessions per week) for $80.00.  Sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15 – 7:15 pm.  Please complete the attached registration form and return with payment to the league office by August 9th




    For those interested in selling the hockey calendars, there will be a commitment form at registration for you to complete.  So we can keep our costs to a minimum, those wanting to participate in the fundraiser will need to indicate how many calendars your skater will sell.  The order for calendars will be placed August 10th so please get your commitment to the league office by then.


    Camp Reminders:


    We are down to the wire for hockey camp participation.  The final camp schedules are being set right now.  If you had planned to participate in either the Billings Bulls or Planet Hockey camp, you need to submit your registration right away.  Billings Bulls’ Camp August 2-6 and Planet Hockey’s camp August 9-13.  Visit the BAHL website for camp registration information.


    Until next time!


    Chandra Picicci

    Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League




  • Billings Amateur Hockey League
    Hello From The BAHL Office! Ice looks great, the arena looks great and the number of skaters on the ice has been good this week. One more week of our
    Message 92 of 92 , Sep 20, 2012
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      Hello From The BAHL Office! 


      Ice looks great, the arena looks great and the number of skaters on the ice has been good this week.  One more week of our September schedule which is mainly drop-in sessions and then we move to our October practice schedule.  Don’t forget that you can view the arena schedule at any time through our website at www.centennialicearena.net, just choose the “view schedule” tab on the left side of the page. 


      Do you have a skater who is at least 16 years of age?  Does this skater need or want a job during the hockey season?  The arena is hiring for skate guards to help during public skate this season.  We will work around travel team schedules.  Send the office an email if you or your skater is interested.


      Peewee Tryouts:


      This weekend is the Peewee Travel Team tryout sessions:  Saturday @ 7:00 pm, Sunday @ 10:00 am and Sunday @ 5:00 pm.  Peewee parent meeting will be held during the Sunday 5:00 pm session.  Remember that your skater needs to attend two of the three sessions.


      Public Skate:


      Our regular season public skate sessions start this weekend!  Saturday and Sunday afternoon 1:00-2:45 pm both days.  Next week our Tuesday and Thursday noon sessions start as well (12:00-1:45 pm both days).




      Ostby Orthodontics will offer a free mouthguard fitting which includes a free mouthguard on Sunday, October 7th 3:00-5:00 pm.  This fitting will take place at their heights office which is across Wicks Lane by Wal-Mart.  All BAHL and Learn to Play skaters are welcome to take advantage of this offer!

      Rental Equipment:


      Did you miss our equipment date yesterday for the first session of Learn to Play?  Cristina will be available on Saturday during the Learn to Play session at 12:00 to fit your skater.  Please send me an email if you are in need of equipment to get started for this first session. 


      Mite and Squirt players who need equipment for this season – we will schedule an equipment date for later in October to get you covered.


      Registration Discount:


      Help grow the BAHL Girls Program by bringing another girl to the BAHL.  Earn a $50 reduction in your player fees for EVERY girl that registers (and pays) with the BAHL this season.  There is no limit to the number of female players you get credit for! 


      Dates to Remember:


      September 22/23:  Peewee Travel Team tryouts

      September 22/23:  Learn to Play and Learn to Skate starts

      October 7:  Mouthguard fitting 3:00-5:00 pm @ Ostby Orthodontics

      October 7:  Referee Clinic

      October 12:  First Bulls home game vs Yellowstone Quake

      November 3/4:  Coaches Clinic

      November 3:  Try Hockey Free Day 3:00-4:30 pm




      Keep up to date with current happenings and both BAHL and arena news by becoming a fan of the BAHL’s Facebook page.  Search for Billings Amateur Hockey League to find us or click on the Facebook link on our website!


      Until next week!


      Chandra Picicci

      Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League

      Centennial Ice Arena




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