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BAHL Update - Resend

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  • CIA/BAHL League Director
    For some reason, the first time I sent this message, it was in an attachment that many couldn t open.  Here it is again for those that couldn t open the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2010
      For some reason, the first time I sent this message, it was in an attachment that many couldn't open.  Here it is again for those that couldn't open the first -


      Wow!  What a week - one that we will remember for a long time.  I hope that all of our hockey families made it safely through the tornado and storms of this week.  The rink looks like it is in good shape, but to make sure, an inspection of the roof and structure has been requested with our insurance company.

      Thank you to those that have signed up for a cleaning day or ice laying duty and to those who have already put your name in to serve on a board committee!

      I have a couple of office projects that I could use some assistance on as things keep getting busier the closer we get to opening day.  If you are interested in helping out and earning a few hours for your league service commitment, let me know.


      Our surface MUST be cleaned and prepped for some pre-ice maintenance by July 5th.  If we do not get these first steps completed by that date, the ice will be delayed.  Please let me know via email or a phone call if you are able to help out with cleaning the dasher boards, the glass, and scraping caulk off the concrete.  This is work that should only be done by our older youth players or adults, please.

      1.  JULY 6, 7, 8:  cleaning and prepping areas that need to be painted - primarily the spectator bleachers and public skate benches.  The spectator area, bleachers, walkway and benches will need to be scrubbed and prepped for a new coat of paint.  There will be some small areas in the locker rooms that will need some touch up paint as well.  PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO HELP WITH THIS.

      2.  ICE:  Our first scheduled activity at Centennial is on July 26th.  With this date in mind the compressors will be turned back on July 12tg.  Once the concrete has cooled sufficiently, the ice laying process will begin.  Volunteer help is a definite must during this time as this process if quite lengthy.  One of the most visible items in this process is the painted lines and ice logos.  July 17 and 18 we will need lots of help painting these lines and applying the logos to the ice.  Volunteers who have a flexible schedule and can help with the actual ice laying process are also needed.  Please contact me if you can help with painting lines and logos or with the ice laying.  A schedule will need to be created for this, so I must know is coming and when.

      3.  FINAL SCRUB:  The weed of July 24 - August 1st we will have one big cleaning push to get it done.  This will encompass the entire arena:  bathrooms, floor mats, concession stand, locker rooms, player benches/scorekeepers area, etc.  There will be a lot of work to be done so your help will be greatly needed and appreciated!  Stay tuned for exact cleaning hours -


      July 16th is the opening ceremonies and the parade of athletes for Big Sky State Games.  All ahtletes who registered for a BSSG event, including hockey, will receive and invitation to march in the parade of athletes.  This year, the athletes that choose to participate in the parade will receive a commemorative 25th year BSSG hat.  The hat would be nice, but even better would be to see a large group of our youth and adult athletes carrying the BAHL banner in the parade.  Details on how to participate in the event will be in your BSSG invitation.


      July 25 and August 1st 1:00 - 4:00 pm will be registration days at the arena.  Bring your completed registration packet to the arena, do some cleaning (see above) and have your kids skate for free!  I might need some office help these two registration days if someone is interested in earning a few league service hours, let me know.

      REMEMBER THAT ALL WORK DONE AT THE ARENA THIS SUMMER COUNTS TOWARD YOUR LEAGUE SERVICE COMMITMENT.  You will need to sign in and out each time you are working at the arena so your hours can be tracked.  Most of your league service commitment could be finished before the season begins!


      There is still time to get your skater enrolled in one of the hockey camps at the arena this summer.  Bulls camp August 2-6 and Planet Hockey August 9-13.  It's not too late to sign-up - visit the BAHL website for camp registration information:  www.centennialicearena.net


      Clean our your garage or store room of all that old hockey gear that isn't being used!  We hope to use all of our league rental equipment for new skaters this season, but that equipment doesn't include skates, nor can the skater keep the equipment for the entire season.  Donations of good condition skates and hockey equipment will go a long way to helping newcomers to our sport get started without breaking the bank.  You can bring the equipment to our rink cleaning days, or contact me for a specific time to bring in your equipment.

      Until next time!

      Chandra Picicci
      League Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League
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