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BAHL Update

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  • Chandra Picicci
    Hello from the BAHL office! Woo-hoo, it s February! Which means we can see the end of the season coming, but at the same time, the most exciting part of the
    Message 1 of 92 , Feb 4, 2010

      Hello from the BAHL office! 


      Woo-hoo, it’s February!  Which means we can see the end of the season coming, but at the same time, the most exciting part of the season is just beginning – Tournament Season!  I know there are lots of travel plans for many of our teams during the months of February and March to house tournaments, MAHA State tournaments, or just a few games.   I hope that these tournaments and games are a great experience for everyone – players, parents, coaches and family members who attend. 


      One negative aspect of any tournament or game that can be heightened at this time of the year is how we as spectators, parents or coaches conduct ourselves during the game or tournament.  Please remember the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance code of conduct that each player had to sign this season and the same code that all coaches and parents should have reviewed and agreed to.  Be a good sport, remember that this is just a game and it is for fun!  We want your player and your player’s teammates to return each year because they enjoy it! 


      If you take a look at the following questions and notice a bit of yourself in there or if you answer yes to all of them, we might not be nominating you for hockey parent of the year:


      -          Was your child’s first stuffed animal neither stuffed nor an animal, but a puck?

      -          Do you cheer during warmups?

      -          Do you keep your child’s stats during practice?

      -          Have you tried to return your child’s stick to the pro shop because it had “no goals in it”?

      -          Did you contact NCAA scouts before your kid’s 10th birthday?

      -          Do you call your child by affectionate nicknames, such as “stone hands”, depending on how well he/she plays?

      -          Did you christen your child in a makeshift Stanley Cup?

      -          Do you believe your kid shouldn’t pass the puck …. ever?

      -          On the day your child was born, did you work out the math on his draft-eligible year?

      -          Have you yelled at your kid for not picking up on your telepathic messages to “shoot low to the stick side”?

      -          Do you forget the last time you gave a compliment to your kids’ teammates?

      -          Do you forget the last compliment you gave to your own child?


      The above was taken from USA Hockey’s website.


      This weekend at Centennial:


      Friday, February 5th:

      7:15 pm – Varsity Game


      Saturday, February 6th:

      8:15 am – I.P.

      9:30 am – Mites

      10:45 am – Squirt A Game

      12:30 pm – Varsity Game

      2:45 pm – Public Skate

      5:00 pm – Bantam Game

      7:15 pm – Squirt A Game

      9:00 pm – Adult Hockey

      10:00 pm – Public Skate*       *Skyview students who show their school id only pay $4.00 admission

      including skate rental*


      Sunday, February 7th:

      8:45 am – Bantam Game

      11:00 am – Squirt A Game


      Ice Is Available?


      Well, we do not have any weekend ice available until March (unless you want to purchase ice at 6:00 am or 10:00 pm!).  The weekends of March 19-21 and March 26-28 have lots of ice available, but it won’t last for long!


      Tournament Schedule:


      These tournaments may lead to changes to your regular BAHL team practice schedule -


      February 19-21:  Squirt A State Tournament

      February 26-28:  Figure Skating Club of Billings Annual Competition

      March 4-7:  High School State Tournament

      March 12-14:   Mite House Tournament

      April 9-11:  Adult Hockey League Tournament

      April 16-18:  Big Sky State Games


      Schedule Changes:


      The public skate this Saturday (February 6th) was originally scheduled for 12:30 – 2:30 pm.  It has been moved to 2:45 – 4:45 pm due to a hockey game conflict.


      February 19-21 is the Squirt A State Tournament.  Friday, February 19th NO BAHL practices.  Saturday, February 20th I.P. will have practice at 1:15 – 2:15 pm and Mites will have practice at 2:15 – 3:15 pm.


      Upcoming Events:


      -          Monday, February 8th at 6:00 pm in the board room will be our monthly Board meeting.  Remember to please consider serving on our Board of Directors for the upcoming Board vacancies.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me.

      -          High School Public Skate!  February 6th 10:00 pm - 12:00 am will be a special public skate for Skyview High School Students!  If you show your Skyview school I.D. admission is only $4.00 including skate rental!  We will do another of these skates but for Senior High instead on February 13th from 9:30 - 11:30 pm.  Why not the other high schools?  These two school regularly use our ice for their students during class time, so we are trying this concept with them first.  If it works, we will add the others schools to the schedule.

      -          Billings Bulls Youth Hockey Skills camp at Centennial August 2-6, 2010.  The Bulls will be returning this summer with Al Bloomer and other guest coaches to provide over 12 hours of on-ice sessions as well as off-ice, dry land training.  The BAHL directly benefits from the player fees for this camp.  There will be more information when it becomes available on our website in the Youth Hockey link.

      -          Planet Hockey is coming back to Centennial August 9-13, 2010.  Visit this web page for more information about our camp:  http://dnet.planethockey.com/camps/.  We will also have Planet Hockey brochures & registration forms in the lobby by the concession stand.  If we fill this camp, Planet Hockey makes a donation back to our league!


      We have a Winner!:


      Congratulations to Jan Risla who is the proud owner of 4 luxury box seats for the March 6th Avalanche game against the St. Louis Blues!  Have fun Risla family!


      Sad News:


      I am disappointed to report that we have had some recent thefts in our building.  Nothing big, actually kind of weird stuff to be stealing (boxes of trash can liners and the de-icer we use for our entryways).  Help us by keeping your eyes open to anything strange going on and letting a rink employee know if there is something suspicious as we don’t want anything more important to leave our building without our knowledge.


      League Service:


      Don’t forget as we wind down this hockey season that your required League Service hours must be complete by March 31st.  If you haven’t done so recently, check with your age group director or team manager to verify how many hours you currently have logged.  There is plenty of opportunity to complete those hours by the end of March.  Talk with your age group director or contact me if you are in need of some work to finish your hours!


      Equipment Donation:


      If your garage is no longer for parking cars, but for keeping hockey gear, maybe it is time to do some spring cleaning!  The BAHL is always in need of gently used hockey equipment for new skaters to our I.P. program to “borrow”.  You can bring your equipment donation to the rink anytime and leave with a rink employee if I am not in the office.


      Until next week!


      Chandra Picicci

      League Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League






    • Billings Amateur Hockey League
      Hello From The BAHL Office! Ice looks great, the arena looks great and the number of skaters on the ice has been good this week. One more week of our
      Message 92 of 92 , Sep 20 1:02 PM

        Hello From The BAHL Office! 


        Ice looks great, the arena looks great and the number of skaters on the ice has been good this week.  One more week of our September schedule which is mainly drop-in sessions and then we move to our October practice schedule.  Don’t forget that you can view the arena schedule at any time through our website at www.centennialicearena.net, just choose the “view schedule” tab on the left side of the page. 


        Do you have a skater who is at least 16 years of age?  Does this skater need or want a job during the hockey season?  The arena is hiring for skate guards to help during public skate this season.  We will work around travel team schedules.  Send the office an email if you or your skater is interested.


        Peewee Tryouts:


        This weekend is the Peewee Travel Team tryout sessions:  Saturday @ 7:00 pm, Sunday @ 10:00 am and Sunday @ 5:00 pm.  Peewee parent meeting will be held during the Sunday 5:00 pm session.  Remember that your skater needs to attend two of the three sessions.


        Public Skate:


        Our regular season public skate sessions start this weekend!  Saturday and Sunday afternoon 1:00-2:45 pm both days.  Next week our Tuesday and Thursday noon sessions start as well (12:00-1:45 pm both days).




        Ostby Orthodontics will offer a free mouthguard fitting which includes a free mouthguard on Sunday, October 7th 3:00-5:00 pm.  This fitting will take place at their heights office which is across Wicks Lane by Wal-Mart.  All BAHL and Learn to Play skaters are welcome to take advantage of this offer!

        Rental Equipment:


        Did you miss our equipment date yesterday for the first session of Learn to Play?  Cristina will be available on Saturday during the Learn to Play session at 12:00 to fit your skater.  Please send me an email if you are in need of equipment to get started for this first session. 


        Mite and Squirt players who need equipment for this season – we will schedule an equipment date for later in October to get you covered.


        Registration Discount:


        Help grow the BAHL Girls Program by bringing another girl to the BAHL.  Earn a $50 reduction in your player fees for EVERY girl that registers (and pays) with the BAHL this season.  There is no limit to the number of female players you get credit for! 


        Dates to Remember:


        September 22/23:  Peewee Travel Team tryouts

        September 22/23:  Learn to Play and Learn to Skate starts

        October 7:  Mouthguard fitting 3:00-5:00 pm @ Ostby Orthodontics

        October 7:  Referee Clinic

        October 12:  First Bulls home game vs Yellowstone Quake

        November 3/4:  Coaches Clinic

        November 3:  Try Hockey Free Day 3:00-4:30 pm




        Keep up to date with current happenings and both BAHL and arena news by becoming a fan of the BAHL’s Facebook page.  Search for Billings Amateur Hockey League to find us or click on the Facebook link on our website!


        Until next week!


        Chandra Picicci

        Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League

        Centennial Ice Arena




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