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Looking Forward to Great Year!

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  • Sean O'Donnell
    BAHL Membership: Well its nearly August in Billings ­ which can only mean ice sports are just around the corner! Most of you have seen the messages from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2009
    Looking Forward to Great Year! BAHL Membership:

    Well its nearly August in Billings – which can only mean ice sports are just around the corner!  Most of you have seen the messages from Jeremy Seidlitz, our league director, keeping you informed of events and progress towards getting the ice back in...which is now complete.  With the number of things going on, and the need to communicate and clarify a few key changes for this upcoming season, we thought we’d take a minute and share with you some comprehensive information about the upcoming season.

    Before anything else, we’d like to thank everyone who helped out with both the laying of the ice, and helping to raise money last weekend at the Hillclimb fundraiser (thank you Todd Young for leading this, as well).  These volunteer efforts are critical to the on-going success of our league, and we appreciate your assistance!

    Registration for the 2009-2010 season is currently open and underway.  While you can always submit your registration to us at the rink (registration form attached), our next ‘official registration’ date is:

    SCHEEL’S @ RIMROCK MALL (Inside the Mall, just in front of Scheels)
    AUGUST 29-30
    NOON to 4 PM

    As a reminder, all registrations received prior to September 1, 2009 will receive a $30 discount from our 2009-2010 fee schedule.  All players and coaches must also go to usahockey.com and register themselves with USA hockey in order to participate in the Billings Amateur Hockey League.

    Tryout dates are anticipated to be in mid-September for all MAHA travel teams this season.  Dates should be posted not later than August 11th with specifics for each age group and team level.

    We have changed our volunteer program a bit this season, and will be asking that all skaters provide at least 15 hours of volunteer work for the rink (maximum 30 hours per family in multiple skater households).  While this seems like a lot, we’d like to let you know that all of the following activities would “count” and should be very achievable over a 5+ month season (less than 3 hours per month):

    • Concessions
    • Cleaning
    • Special Projects
    • Coaching
    • Scoring/Penalty Box
    • Team Management
    • Tournament Planning/Work
    • Fundraising Coordination
    • Plus more...complete list to be posted at the rink

    Team managers will be asked to keep track of hours by skater and submit volunteer efforts to Jeremy Seidlitz.  We will have a volunteer coordinator this year as well, to help organize and communicate with our volunteers.  To help ensure that this commitment is made, or to provide an option to those who do not wish to perform volunteer service, we are asking that each skater submit a check for $150 (which can be post dated to April 1, 2010 if you want) with their registrations.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THESE CHECKS WILL NOT BE DEPOSITED IN A BANK, RATHER THEY WILL BE HELD IN A SAFE AT CIA UNTIL APRIL 1, 2010 (or returned to you when the 15 hour commitment has been met).  If you have concerns with this protocol, please join us at our next board meeting to discuss, we’d be happy to hear your concerns.

    The BAHL Board has been updating our BAHL Member Handbook, and we anticipate having the new version published by not later than September 15th, 2010.  This will be made available to all of you electronically on centennialicearena.net and will be emailed to the bahl@yahoogroups.com distribution list.

    One key change that has been motioned on, discussed, and approved by the Board members is a change to our move-up policy.  Over the last number of years, enforcement of our existing move-up policy has been lackluster, and in many cases has created situations where kids have lost the opportunity to play within their age group on a traveling hockey team.  As such, the board has decided to implement a policy that will require all players to play in age divisions in which they reside (e.g., no “move-ups” will be allowed).    I am sure this is a relief to some members and disappointing to others, but the deliberation amongst the board was that this was the right policy for the development of the league overall.  Please join us at the August 10th meeting if you would like to discuss further.

    Registrations are still available for the for both the Planet Hockey and Billings Bulls hockey camps in August...see the ‘Youth Hockey’ section of centennicalicearena.net for more information.

    Monday, August 10 at 6p at Centennial Ice Arena

    On behalf of the BAHL Board of Directors, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you – our members.  We need your help to keep building strength, balance and kids in our association, and look forward to great growth this year!

    Sean O’Donnell
    BAHL Board President

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