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325BAHL Travel Tryouts

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  • Chandra Picicci
    Aug 3, 2010

      I have had a few questions on the tryout process for travel teams, so I will pass those questions and answers along to you:


      Does my son/daughter have to tryout if he/she doesn’t want to play for the “A” team?  Yes, the tryouts are designed to determine the number of travel teams in each division and the level of play at which they will participate in MAHA this season.  If your son/daughter does not attend tryouts, he/she will not be placed on a travel team.


      Do we have to attend all three tryout sessions for that age division?  No, but your skater must attend a minimum of two sessions to be considered for the travel team.


      Can I register my skater for the BAHL after he/she completes tryouts?  No.  Your skater must be completely registered with the BAHL for their appropriate age division before he/she can participate in tryouts.  Without proper registration which includes all necessary forms explained in the registration packet and payment of fees, your skater will not be able to participate in tryouts. 


      What if my skater decides to play house after I register him/her for travel?  If you register and pay travel team fees but your skater decides to skate in the house program instead, the fee difference will be refunded to you.


      Please let me know if you have any questions regarding tryouts or registration. 


      Thank you,


      Chandra Picicci

      League Director, Billings Amateur Hockey League