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2650Re: [bagpipes] wood or plastic

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  • Tom
    May 23, 2010
      I have the Dunbar polypenco set, which I purchased in early 2005, and they've been great since. They are good pipes for beginners who may have "accidents" every now and then; if you do have an accident, or you have kids like me who aren't always the most conscientious or aware, having a set of pipes that can handle abuse is great!

      I actually take my pipes camping with me and expose them to temperature and weather extremes that I'd dare not do to a set of African Blackwood pipes! Plus, there's no extra maintenance in the form of oiling the bores and since I got a zippered bannatyne bag about the only organic thing left is my chanter reed (and even then, I'll slip in a plastic one when I'm camping with my set!).

      Folks who buy the polypenco/delrin pipes usually do so as their first set of pipes and/or as a set of pipes they can use while marching in the rain or during other times of varying temperature extremes, such as during the winter months or if they live in either a really humid environment or a really hot desert environment. They can take the beating and keep on playing!

      There are many folks who like the feel, look and sound of a set of wooden pipes and say the harmonics are superior, but then there are stories of games judges not realizing the player had poly pipes, so I think it's more of an issue of how well you can tune your instrument, execute technique and what reeds you're using.

      In the end, it's all personal preference. If you think you're going to need something that's durable, weather proof, and low maintenance then you just can't go wrong with poly pipes. Then again, if you really do want wood then I'd save the money and get what you want. There are affordable options, either way; was there a particular make of African Blackwood pipes you were looking at?


      ---- peterh <peterhill1959@...> wrote:
      > I am ready to buy a full size set of pipes. Big qusstion black wood or plastic(Derlin).
      > I can get a nice set of Dumbar(p3) in plastic, less maintiance for a first timer or should i save up the extra $500 for black wood, i will use plastice drone reeds to start.
      > peter
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