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  • markfinnern
    Hi Futurists, I am part of the team that is making sure that Accelerated Change Conference ACC2003[2] is going to be a great event. Which has it s challenges
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2003
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      Hi Futurists,

      I am part of the team that is making sure that Accelerated Change
      Conference ACC2003[2] is going to be a great event. Which has it's
      challenges with me being in the Bay Area and the core team living in

      For weeks I get almost daily emails with details to our fundraiser
      party Unite the Future[3] that is happening this Saturday the 17th of
      May in Culver City. It is getting more interesting by the day. In my
      head I was looking for additional reasons to be down there that
      weekend, but I didn't come up with any. In addition we have our
      Futurist Salon[4] this Friday. Therefore I will no go. If you are in
      the Valley of the Angeles check it out and get a futuristic drink for
      me at the bar. Thanks.

      But don't despair, if you are living in the Bay Area. Fellow Futurist
      Farsam who just moved up from LA to San Francisco is a member of
      Aloft Interactions and they are throwing a Matrix Pre-loaded party
      [5] this Wednesday May 14th.

      It is hilarious how many elements of the two events overlap.

      Spinning by the famous DJWolfie, dance floor, $500 costume contest,
      live performances and auditory-psychedelic assaults by the amazing
      Mutaytor crew, (other performances TBA!), Cyber Fashion show,
      transhumanist art, spoken word in chillrooms, full bar, many secret

      Event Includes: ยท Real-time, multimedia presentations on the Art &
      Philosophy of The Matrix Trilogy "Style" of The Matrix Fashion Show,
      Interactive "Hong-Kong Stunt Action" exhibit to illustrate the
      choreographic artistry of the films "Trinity" look-alike contest
      Playboy Magazine photo shoot submission "Take The Blue Pill Or Red
      Pill" performance art piece, Professor William Irwin, Ph.D., author
      of The Matrix and Philosophy, delivering a real-time analysis of The
      Matrix film as it plays live as well as offering signed copies of his
      book, Professors of film theory will be dissecting the hidden layers
      of meaning in The Matrix film, Live DJ-sets incorporating Matrix
      motifs and elements, Screenings of original Matrix shorts and
      trailers for the new film, Highly-anticipated Enter The Matrix Game
      demos, "The Animatrix" screening (original Japanese Animation shorts
      based on The Matrix),
      Direct audience engagement with the special-FX wizards from ESC
      Studios, On-site, custom creations of original "Matrix Preloaded" T-
      Shirt Art.

      If you are really dedicated, you can go to the Matrix Pre-Load Party
      on Wednesday, the Matrix Reloaded opening on Thursday, the Futurist
      Salon on Friday and Unite the Future on Saturday. Take a video camera
      with you, blog it in real time and afterwards make a road movie out
      of it: "The long weekend in the Future" :-)

      See you at one or two of these events, Mark.

      [1]Weblog post with links: http://finnern.com/future/2003/05/11.html
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