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The New Sharing Economy Future Salon Replay and Quick Notes

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  • markfinnern
    Hi Futurists, blog post with links: http://www.futuresalon.org/2010/10/the-new-sharing-economy-future-salon-replay-and-quick-notes.html Update III: It seems
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      Hi Futurists,

      blog post with links: http://www.futuresalon.org/2010/10/the-new-sharing-economy-future-salon-replay-and-quick-notes.html

      Update III: It seems the recording is not showing up in all browsers. For me FireFox is not working, but Internet Explorere does. Here is the link: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p66092607/

      Many people came up to me last night and told me that this was one of the best Future Salons. Really timely and interesting. The panel also told me that they liked the quality and diversity of the questions asked by the audience in the room as well as from the webcast. Everyone had a great time.

      At peak we had over 22 people on the webcast, which is a record and 14 of them were still connected after 2 hours.

      My notes from memory:

      Update: One of Rachel's comments opened my eyes.The internet first gave us access to information, then access to things, now it is making it social and connects us to other people, the next thing will be that it is connecting us to stories.

      Every product will have a story with pictures, videos, ... New products will be bland, they are all the same, shared well preserved products will be rich. Once the story telling functionality is turned on, sharing will explode.

      Rachel Botsman, co-author of What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, after being asked why she thinks the sharing economy has tipped: It's the perfect storm of 4 trends coming together: 1) Economic downturn forces people 2) Alternative to the consumerist lifestyle of the 20th century. Longing for a more sustainable life 3) Technology platform finally supporting the sharing capabilities (PayPal open API, Master Card APIs coming too) 4) Realization how rewarding and important community is. Sharing plays a huge role in creating and strengthening these relationships.

      Jessica Scorpio Co-Founder of Getaround. Love that this venture sprung out from a Singularity University project. Also love that come January legislation in California is allowing car sharing with your regular car insurance.

      Yes there is the book: Bowling Alone (highly recommended) describing the disintegration of the american society, but Robert Putnam in 2003 wrote the follow up: Better Together: Restoring the American Community Need to check this out.

      John Zimmer, Founder & COO of Zimride, has sold his solution to over 60 Universities so far and his company is breaking even as the Universities pay for the service. The breakthrough was to offer the solution just for that university, not universally connected. Trend: First the Universities didn't want Facebook integration. Now they are asking for it. John later told me that Zimride is looking for PHP developers.

      Angel VCs that are open to P2P sharing: John Zimmer said his own Angle Investors were open for it: Teddy Downey and Keith Rabois.

      According to Punsri Abeywickrema, Founder & CEO of Rentalic the typical rental object is mid prized about 10% of the actual value and often seasonal products like camping gear or snow chains.

      Sign that we are realizing the importance of community: Many more farmers market sprung up in recent years than Walmarts.

      The discussion went to celebrities and Rachel got really animated and said: "This is the next thing I want to tackle." -- I was thinking yes, tackle that out of proportion cult of celebrity, but then she added: "If we get 5 celebrities to endorse the sharing economy it will accelerate the adoption rate by 5 years." She is right, but it wasn't was I was hoping for. Comment on the webcast chat:
      (g) Jon Reed: ugh.cult of celebrity. Shame to have to cater to it to affect change.

      Big thanks to Neal Gorenflo, publisher of Shareable Magazine for putting the panel together and moderating it so nicely.

      Replay of the New Sharing Economy Future Salon: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p66092607/

      Update II: GilsonTeixeira SAP BI consultant living in Brazil wrote me the following: During my master degree in London (Hypermedia Research Center, University of Westminster), this theme was very present once Dr. Richard Barbrook was my mentor and director of the HRC. He is a great thinker and I would like to suggest some of his papers.

      1. THE HI-TECH GIFT ECONOMY ( http://subsol.c3.hu/subsol_2/contributors3/barbrooktext2.html )

      2.THE DIGITAL ECONOMY: COMMODITIES OR GIFTS? (http://subsol.c3.hu/subsol_2/contributors3/barbrooktext.html)

      Enjoy and share! There were folk from transition economy in the audience. Please contact me, as this is a great theme for a future Future Salon in the new year.

      Next Future Salon with Cathrine Austin Fitts from Solari.com Monday November 8th same place same setting. Details to come.

      Catherine Austin Fitts offers Solari subscribers and customers a unique perspective on how to navigate the opportunities and risks in the global financial system and political economy. Her background includes:

      * Investment Advisor: Founder and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.
      * Entrepreneur: President of The Hamilton Securities Group, investment bank and financial software developer.
      * Government Official: Assistant Secretary of Housing - Federal Housing Commissioner, Bush I.
      * Investment Banker: Managing Director and member of the board of Wall Street firm Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.

      As a teaser here a youtube video (on the blog post)
      Full invitation in a minute.

      See you Monday in a week the 8th of November, Mark.
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