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"The Future of Thinking Machines" part of Microchip Clips Video Contest

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  • Studio_SFO
    allo Futurists, I thought this might interest you. If anyone works on video at all it might be an easy win, with all the expertise in this group. Check it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2010
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      'allo Futurists,
      I thought this might interest you. If anyone works on video at all it might be an easy win, with all the expertise in this group.
      Check it out!


      The Tech Museum is looking for a few great video clips to run inside a brand new gallery dedicated to microchips - the hearts of the machines that maginify our thinking abilities.

      Microchips are part of our everyday lives - embedded in everything from toasters to the fastest computers. This competition is a unique opportunity to get creative, visualize some new ideas, and have them seen by thousands of museum and online visitors.

      * One best overall video will receive a Grand Prize of $1,000.

      * Three videos will receive Best in Category prizes of $500 each for A World Without Chips, Inside the Chip, and The Future of Thinking Machines categories.

      * Four honorable mentions will each receive $100.

      * One or more of the best videos will be selected for inclusion in The Tech Museum's new space dedicated to microchips gallery.

      "The Future of Thinking Machines"
      What kind of things will become possible as computers become even faster and smaller than they are now? How will the world change in ways no one has thought of yet? Stretch your mind and show us the future you see when computers have gone beyond all our expectations.

      "A World Without Chips"
      What would the world be like without microchips? Would we have found other ways to do things computers do now? How would things be different? Easier? Slower? Faster? Would there be different inventions to achieve the same things? Use your imagination to show us the modern world without microchips.

      "Inside the Chip"
      Inside each microchip a massive collection of tiny switches called transistors turn on and off at incredible speeds. Computers work by changing all their data into a high-speed sets of on/off instructions called binary code. What goes on inside a chip? If you pulled off the top of a computer chip, what would the billions of interactions look like?

      Selection Criteria

      1. Videos must be on topic, clearly aligning with the World Without Chips, Inside the Chip, or The Future of Thinking Machines categories.
      2. Videos must not exceed 2 minutes in length.
      How to Enter

      Step 1. Upload your video submission to Youtube.com (YouTube.com accepts QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files)

      Step 2. Go to http://thetechvirtual.org/projects/chip-clips/videos

      Step 3. Click on "Create Project"

      Step 4. Enter your video title, description and the YouTube.com web address (URL) where your video can be viewed.

      Format your video

      Formats: QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, .MPG files
      Length: 2 minutes maximum
      Resolution: High Definition (HD) is preferred
      Ratio: 16x9 (standard for YouTube) is preferred (landscape)

      Dates, deadlines and other details

      * Start date: Thursday, July 1, 2010
      * End date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
      * Prizes:
      1 Grand Prize: $1,000
      3 Best in Category: $500 each for A World Without Chips, Inside the Chip, The Future of Thinking Machines
      4 Honorable Mentions: $100 each
      1 or more winning videos will be displayed at The Tech Museum.

      * You must be at least 13 years of age to enter.

      * The video and audio content must be your own.

      * You may enter as many videos as you wish.

      * If we accept your submission we will list it at http://thetechvirtual.org/projects/microchip-clips/videos

      * If we select your video for a prize, you will need to upload your original file to
      http://thetechvirtual.org/projects/microchip-clips/videos in MPEG2 format.

      * Winning videos uploaded to the site will be covered under Creative Commons Attribution
      license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0) for use at The Tech Museum and by other
      member museums in The Tech Virtual program.

      * The Tech Museum will add text credit captions to prize winning videos.

      * Videos will be featured on a looping reel of films displayed inside the "microchip" area of the Silicon Valley
      Innovation Gallery. Other videos featuring children explaining the science behind chips in everyday objects
      will be displayed in this space as well.

      * Judges: Alana Connor (VP Content, The Tech Museum) and others to be announced.
      * Hashtag: #microchipclips
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