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      Please join us for the Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcase at Stanford on
      April 7, 2010. The Showcase is held in conjunction with the Energy
      is holding a 4-part mini series on Electric Vehicles in spring term--and a
      spring seminar taught by Lee Schipper called Sustainable Mobility: Improving
      Energy Efficiency and Reducing CO2 Emissions from
      The events are free and open to the Stanford community.


      Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15, Building 420, Room 40 (April 7, 4:15-5:45 in PS2,
      across from Y2E2)

      1. *March 31 - The Future of EVs: Ford�s Electrification Efforts **Sherif
      Marakby, Ford Motor Company - Director of Electrification Programs and
      Engineering. *

      2. *April 7 - Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcase *4:15-5:45 Parking
      Structure 2 (across from Y2E2). Daimler, Honda, Pi Mobility, Tesla, Toyota,
      VW, and AC Propulsion eBox from PG&E's fleet. Groups will rotate through
      stations, so please arrive promptly.

      3. *April 14, 4:15-5:45 - Consumer Behavioral Responses to and Perceptions
      of Electric Transportation **Dr. Tom Turrentine, UC Davis Institute of
      Transportation Studies � Director PHEV Research Center*

      4. *May 12 - A Vision for Transitioning Towards Sustainable Transportation *
      *Jason Wolf, Better Place � Head of North America Business Development *

      For more information, please visit *http://www.energyseminar.stanford.edu*

      *Thank you to Chevron for supporting the Energy Seminar. *

      April 7, Special Sustainable Mobility Seminar (12:15-3:30), followed by
      Vehicle Showcase (4:15-5:45)

      * Special Sustainable Mobility Seminar, Clark Center, Clark Auditorium, For
      more information, please visit: http://peec.stanford.edu/events*
      12:15-1:05 *What Problems Can Electric Drive and Alternatives Solve?*,
      Lee Schipper, Stanford University
      1:10-1:35 *How Consumers Choose Cars*, Robert Bienenfeld, Honda of North
      1:35-2:00 *Surprise--The Remarkable Rise in Electric Bikes and What it Means
      *, Jonathan Weinert, Chevron Research
      2:00-3:15 *Panel Discussion: The Way Forward with Electric Drive*, Robert
      Bienenfeld, Honda; Zak Edson, Tesla; Justin Ward, Toyota; John Tillman,
      Volkswagen; Marcus Hays, Pi Mobility; Brett Williams, UC Berkeley
      Transportation Sustainability Research Center
      Energy Seminar, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcase, Parking Structure
      2, Lower Level, across from Y2E2
      4:05-4:15 Arrive for Vehicle Showcase
      4:15-5:45 Daimler, Honda, Pi Mobility, Tesla, Toyota, VW, and AC Propulsion
      eBox from PG&E's fleet.
      Groups will rotate through stations, so please arrive promptly.
      5:45-6:30 A reception follows the Energy Seminar, adjacent to the cars in
      the parking structure.
      For more information, please visit *http://www.energyseminar.stanford.edu*

      Alison Chaiken
      (650) 279-5600 (cell)
      If you can't be part of the solution, at least be part of the spectacle.


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