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Evolving Collaborative Intelligence Future Salon with Zann Gill

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  • markfinnern
    Hi Futurists, Don t forget the Future that arrives tonight ;-) Friday 20th at 6pm at SAP Labs in Palo Alto: Evolving Collaborative Intelligence Future Salon
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 20, 2009
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      Hi Futurists,

      Don't forget the Future that arrives tonight ;-) Friday 20th at 6pm at SAP Labs in Palo Alto:
      Evolving Collaborative Intelligence Future Salon with Zann Gill

      See you all there, Mark.
      P.S. If you can't make it in person, we will stream the event and let you know the address via http://futuresalon.org

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      Hi Futurists,

      The date for the event is 20th of March 6-7 networking 7-9
      talk/conversation at SAP Labs in Palo Alto.

      Bonus link to Zann Gill's video on Evolution & Sustainability — "What
      Daedalus told Darwin" (Which is also the title of one of her new
      books.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eokEB5KHqpQ

      See you on the 20th of March, Mark.

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      > Hi Futurists,
      > Weblog post with links:
      > It has been a while since the Future Salon tackled the meta question
      > that Doug Engelbart asked himself years ago and us at a Future Salon:
      > As much as possible, to boost mankind's collective capability for
      > coping with complex, urgent problems.
      > I am really happy to have Zann Gill this month to bring her
      > perspective to that question: Evolving Collaborative Intelligence.
      > Check out her amazing life journey. Years ago she even worked for
      > Buckminster Fuller.
      > Zann and I sat together a couple of weeks ago and thought about what
      > we can do in the framework of a Future Salon to evolve the
      > Collaborative Intelligence. May be even evolve the framework itself.
      > Here is what we came up with:
      > Nature manifests directed innovation, with a series of "process
      > design" principles that human-computer systems could emulate. Zann
      > Gill will describe how the evolution of life harnesses innovation
      > networks, directed processes that converge toward improved adaptation
      > that could not be predicted in advance as a goal. These principles are
      > applicable to smart systems that support cross-disciplinary,
      > collaborative problem-solving as we face our greatest challenge,
      > eco-sustainability. Collective intelligence, which taps the consensus
      > "wisdom of crowds," harnesses algorithms to transform diverse input
      > into a better-than-average consensual output. In contrast,
      > collaborative intelligence taps and retains the diversity of
      > individuals, manifesting principles of evolutionary design, such as
      > collaborative autonomy, to co-evolve by improving through time,
      > innovating and adapting to continually changing ecosystems.
      > This talk will describe how Nature's dynamic design process principles
      > apply to practical problems faced by enterprise systems (from
      > companies to social networks to cities and nations) to evolve more
      > intelligent capacity for emergent pattern recognition,
      > decision-making, and to converge gradually toward sustainable
      > Objective. To seed discussion about the role SAP Future Salon plays in
      > enabling our collaborative intelligence to evolve smart meta-systems
      > for sustainable futures. Applications to explore include sustainable
      > business practices, rapid responder systems for emergencies,
      > e-governance, and planning eco-cities.
      > Bio: Zann Gill (M.Arch. Harvard) worked as a researcher for
      > Buckminster Fuller. Early interest in Fuller's concepts for "World
      > Game" to achieve environmental sustainability and "design science"
      > sparked her focus on cross-disciplinary innovation. Her entry to the
      > international competition Kawasaki: Information City of the 21st
      > Century, sponsored by the Japan Association for Planning
      > Administration and Mainichi Newspapers, with cooperation of ten
      > ministries and three agencies of the Japanese government, tied with
      > Matsushita Corp. for first place and won the Award of the Mayor of
      > Kawasaki. She proposed a networked system of sixteen initiatives — a
      > framework comprised of diverse interlinked components for urban
      > innovation as a complex adaptive system. More recently at NASA she
      > developed program plans for an Institute for Advanced Space Concepts
      > (IASC), a collaboratory BEACON (Bio-Evolutionary Advanced Concepts)
      > and the astrobiology program for NASA University. She founded DESYN
      > lab to apply her method to "raise collaborative IQ."
      > Future Salons have the following structure: 6-7pm is networking with
      > light refreshments proudly sponsored by SAP; 7-9+pm is the
      > presentation followed by questions and discussion.
      > SAP Labs North America, Building D, Room Southern Cross or Cafeteria
      > depending on number of RSVPs. SAP is located at 3410 Hillview Avenue,
      > Palo Alto, CA 94304[map]. Free and open to the public. Please spread
      > the word and invite others, but be sure to RSVP http://is.gd/lj0A so
      > we know how many people to expect.
      > See you all there, Mark.

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