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Open Source Learning Future Salon this Thursday 21nd

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  • markfinnern
    Hi Futurists, blog post with links: http://www.futuresalon.org/2008/08/open-source-lea.html I am so psyched about this Thursday s Open Source Learning Future
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2008
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      Hi Futurists,

      blog post with links:

      I am so psyched about this Thursday's Open Source Learning Future
      Salon. If you check out the following video interviews with our
      speaker John Taylor Gatto, you may be too. That we are able to access
      this kind of information with a simple search and a broadband
      connection just blows my mind. Just another search away and you can
      enjoy Olga Korbut's Uneven Bar exercise from 1972, but I digress ;-).

      All of John's 19 lectures are located at edflix (Educational Video
      Downloads) site. They are part of World Prosperity Ltd. who's mission
      is to determine how to make social systems such as education,
      healthcare, government, and families work more effectively. They do
      this by examining basic, underlying causes and their solutions.
      Current project is to teach others how to make educational movies
      easily and cheaply. They are coordinating the free distribution of
      these movies and be a central resource for locating them. This will
      support K-12, university, and postgraduate education. I am wondering
      whether that should all go into the Wikiversity.

      Weapons_of_mass_instruction_john_ta John Taylor Gatto just finished
      his latest book: Weapons of Mass Instruction, which is unfortunately
      not yet available. He will talk about Open Source Learning. Looking
      like edflix is one of the sources to it.

      Most focus of raising a child today is put on education and schooling
      in particular. The big shift in schooling lately has been towards
      standardized testing and teaching towards these tests.

      John makes a convincing case, that this is exactly the wrong
      direction. He thinks, and has a lifetime of teaching as proof , that
      institutionalized schooling is the wrong approach, is actually dumbing
      us down. With this opinion he is rattling one of the foundation of our
      society. It is going to be very interesting this Thursday.

      Open Source Learning Future Salon with John Taylor Gatto Thursday
      August 21st at SAP in Palo Alto. Future Salons have the following
      structure: 6-7pm is networking with light refreshments proudly
      sponsored by SAP; 7-9+pm is the presentation followed by questions and

      SAP Labs North America, Building D, Room Southern Cross or Cafeteria
      depending on number of RSVPs. SAP is located at 3410 Hillview Avenue,
      Palo Alto, CA 94304[map]. Free and open to the public. Please spread
      the word and invite others, but be sure to RSVP so we know how many
      people to expect.

      See you all there, Mark.

      P.S. We will webcast it via Ustream again. Details to come soon.
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